Small Business Q & A: Build A High Profit Business With Online Affiliate Programs

Written by Tim Knox

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I ordered Rosalind's book as research for this article and I have to tell you I found it to be one ofrepparttar best books onrepparttar 102412 subject I have ever read. It's a hype-fr*e approach to what affiliate marketing is really all about and how to make it work. The book is 270 pages and leaves no stone unturned. For anyone serious about making money with affiliate programs, I highly recommend this book.

The bottom line is this: you can make a lot of money with affiliate programs, if you pickrepparttar 102413 right product and do your part to promote it. As for which programs would be best for you, I advise that you concentrate your efforts on one or two products instead of starting with a shotgun approach. Pick only top quality products that hold some personal interest you. Never pick an affiliate product just because you think you'll make a ton of money with it.

Remember, you are starting a business. If it's not a business that holds your interest, you won't be in business very long.

For more information on affiliate programs check out:

THE SUPER AFFILIATE HANDBOOK by Rosalind Gardner Readrepparttar 102414 amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earns 400,000+ per year selling other people's stuff online! ---

CLICKIN' IT RICH by Michael Campbell If you are ready to firerepparttar 102415 boss and set up a profitable home business, I'll tell you exactly how I make over $200,000 a year in affiliate revenues. ---

Here's to your success!

Tim Knox For information on starting your own online or eBay business, visit

Tim Knox as the president and CEO of two successful technology companies: B2Secure Inc., a Web-based hiring management software company; and Digital Graphiti Inc., a software development company. Tim is also the founder of, an ebusiness dedicated to the success of online entrepreneurs.

A Unique Opportunity For Affiliate Recruiters

Written by Terence Tan

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These affiliate recruiters, often owners of websites, ezines, and forums that attract other webmasters, focus their energies recruiting other webmasters to sign up as their "sub-affiliates" and to sellrepparttar affiliate products.

As a result, when affiliate products are sold by their sub-affiliates, these affiliate recruiters will also get paid a referral commission.

Two important points to understand are:

1) The affiliate programs must be free to "sign-up" fees, "set-up" costs, nor "product-testing" fees are involved...otherwise they become traditional multi level marketing programs, and runrepparttar 102411 risk of affiliates trying to make money by "pushing products" to other affiliates.

2) While these programs create a new role for "affiliate recruiters" who can make money by specializing in recruiting affiliates,repparttar 102412 products will still have to actually be sold to real customers forrepparttar 102413 merchant, affiliate recruiter, and affiliate to make any money.

If you are currently an affiliate merchant having problems recruiting good affiliates, why not consider using a multi tier affiliate program and let "affiliate recruiters" do this work for you?

If you happen to run a webmaster related site, or happen to know many webmasters or successful affiliates, why not consider being an "affiliate recruiter" by recommending multi tier affiliate programs?

Terence Tan is the project manager of, a website dedicated towards the development of Multi Tier Affiliate Programs as an alternative system of business. Visit to learn more about how to multiply your affiliate referral commissions.

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