Small Business Planning -- Three Myths

Written by Denise OBerry

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3. A strategic plan is like a ball and chain -- Not so.

It's your plan. Too many small business owners feel like once it's on paper, it can't be changed. Wrong! Your plan should be an active document that gets reviewed and updated at least monthly, if not weekly. You'rerepparttar business owner, you wrote it, you know what's happening in your market -- adjust as necessary.

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3 Reasons to Work From Home

Written by Benjamin Scott

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The third reason to work at home can be found at home. Why do you rush home from your current job? Do you have a family you love and cannot wait to see? Do you have people in your life you want to spend more time with? Maybe you simply have a dog to walk and wish you could spend more quality time with Fido. Whatever you rush home for, that reason is reason enough to work from home. You can physically be inrepparttar place your heart has been at all day long. You can spend time with your family. You can witness first steps, soccer games, ballet practices, and art projects. You don't have to regretrepparttar 148743 things you miss if you work from home, because your office is whererepparttar 148744 action is. You choose when you need to work and when your family needs to take precedence. Only for those who work at home is such freedom a reality. Combined, these three reasons present irrefutable evidence thatrepparttar 148745 opportunities associated with working from home cannot and should not be passed up.

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