Small Business Phone Systems A Brief Explanation

Written by Jason Morris

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Key Systems Inrepparttar past few years some ofrepparttar 147918 best developments have been in low cost intercom style systems for small businesses of typically 12 or fewer users. The biggest market sector inrepparttar 147919 telecoms industry is undoubtedly that of small businesses who have 10 or fewer users. It now seems almost comical that this market was largely ignored inrepparttar 147920 past. New KSU-Less systems allow evenrepparttar 147921 smallest offices to enjoy more advanced features that used to be only normally associated with larger more expensive systems. These systems are extremely cost effective and designed to make use of existing telecoms wiring.

The systems in this category that have benefited most from development investment are hybrid corded and cordless phone systems. These systems allow users to integrate cordless as well as corded phones within intercom systems. Office based employees would have corded phones whereas mobile employees such as warehouse operatives could have cordless phones.

Mini-PBXs Mini PBX systems are ideally suited to companies who have more than 10 employees, but fewer than 100. Mini PBXs can give access to features like voice mail, automated attendant, intercom, computer integration and call distribution.

There are 2 categories of mini-PBX phone systems, self contained devices and computer based phone systems. There are a few companies who make self contained systems. These systems are easy to install and require very minimal computer and networking knowledge. These systems provide basic features like voice mail, auto attendant, intercom and a few others. It must be stressed though that although these systems will suffice for most small business applications, they cannot always provide allrepparttar 147922 specialist features each individual business may require. Mini-PBXs that are computer based are generally speaking forrepparttar 147923 more technically advanced users, and can offer a wider range of features that can be customised to meet a businesses requirements. A good example of advanced features is advanced IVR (auto-attendant) scripts. This allows computerised phone systems to route calls to specific groups based on howrepparttar 147924 caller has responded to prompts. These computerised systems allow even small companies to handle their calls in a way normally associated with large call centres.

LAN (IP)-based phone systems Companies that have installed a high speed local area network (LAN) for connecting their computers can use this same network asrepparttar 147925 backbone for their office phone system. Many phone system suppliers are edging towards this approach, and there are already several LAN-based phone systems which use a companys Ethernet data network to transport phone calls and data.

LAN-based phone systems were a very experimental idea. They had unpredictable audio quality; neither did they offer features that users of conventional phone systems take for granted. This has all changed as phone system vendors have retooledrepparttar 147926 business phone systems to use data networks as their backbone.

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FirefoxIE SMS powered by

Written by Marinda Stuiver

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Network coverage is stipulated on a coverage list and users could purchase more credits through online payment facilities such as Paypal and Moneybookers with a minimum of 100 credits per batch purchased.

An online address book is available onrepparttar web site once users registered for their username and password.

The web based (internet text messaging) is backed up by pc to mobile free desktop software. PositiveSMS V1 has been upgraded to include bulk text messaging, Unicode messages (up to 70 non-latin characters), picture sms, and WAP bookmarks. It works on most windows platforms and requires a PIII pc with internet connection. One ofrepparttar 147827 great features of this software is thatrepparttar 147828 users only signs up for one account withrepparttar 147829 option to send sms from their desktop, browser or websms.

There are no monthly fees, no setup fees and this user-friendly service requires no training and only one username and password is required to send sms fromrepparttar 147830 FirefoxIE, or PositiveSMS depending on whatrepparttar 147831 user choose to use.

FirefoxIE SMS will allow users to use their browsers for more than just browsingrepparttar 147832 Internet it allows full functionality on one screen with communication just one click away.

Visit or for details, free pc to mobile software and websms.

Marinda Stuiver has been involved in online marketing and convergence of mobile and web technologies since 1998. She co-authored Print Release ( in 2005 an easy-to-use guide for non-PR persons to produce and publish press releases. She works as an entrepreneur and online marketing consultant, web master and runs SMS warehouse which provide text messaging services to the International market

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