Small Business 'No' How - Don't Give Away the Farm

Written by David A. James

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What Jenni should say is, "I would be thrilled to come out, but I'll have to keeprepparttar consultation charge in place. What I can do is credit your consultation towardsrepparttar 117253 first room we makeover, each additional room would be atrepparttar 117254 regular rate. I'm sure I'll have some great ideas that we can work on together"

Of course it takes confidence in yourself to come back with that kind of a reply. Jenni is only going to have that kind of confidence in herself by knowing her competition, what they charge, and that fact that she is as good, or better, than they are.

So here'srepparttar 117255 key to not giving awayrepparttar 117256 farm:

Know your competition andrepparttar 117257 commonly established rates for your service.

If you are competent, confident and know you have as much skill and talent as your competitors, there is no reason why you should be charging any less than they do. In fact, some people believe if you charge more it's a sign that you must really be good!

But let's not get carried away,repparttar 117258 point isn't to see how much you can charge before you run yourself out of business. The point is, "Don't sell yourself short"

One great way to measure your competition is to call and try them out. I personally did this not long ago when I was thinking about opening a software consultation / training business. I found a small business specializing in software training and had them send out an employee for two hours of Microsoft Access training. The friendly lady who arrived spent two hours readingrepparttar 117259 'help' screens (to herself) and flipping thoughrepparttar 117260 paperback user's manual trying to figure out how to show me some rather simple tasks I had questioned her about. Hardly what I would call expert training. However, it served its purpose - I knew I could do a better job.

Do your research and provide an efficient, professional service. Show them that you're worth every penny. If you build that kind of reputation, price will not be much of an issue. Your customers will admire your confidence and work ethic and be happy they're doing business with you.

Oh, and keeprepparttar 117261 deed torepparttar 117262 farm in your drawer where it belongs.

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Let Your Visitors Build Your Website

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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A visitor built website receives two types of traffic.

- People who submit content. - People who consume content.

The content producers must have an incentive to contribute. That incentive can berepparttar opportunity to promote themselves; for example, a "resource box" atrepparttar 117252 bottom of each article that they submit, or an "aboutrepparttar 117253 artist" page for each account. Some visitor built websites provide an incentive based upon a share ofrepparttar 117254 website's revenue.

In most cases,repparttar 117255 content itself will be incentive enough forrepparttar 117256 content consumers. But inrepparttar 117257 case of a "free classifieds" website,repparttar 117258 reality is that few people seek advertising. In this case, your website's audience will consist soley of producers. In order to get repeat visits, you'll have to cause their ads to expire after a certain interval.

The most important part of a visitor built website is content management. The content must be subdivided into sections or categories. Let your visitors chooserepparttar 117259 category for their contribution. In direct posting, website visitors will abuserepparttar 117260 posting process by posting an item under several or all categories. You need to decide if posting an item under more than one category is to be allowed.

Examples: members earn money by writing and submitting reviews of consumer products. members earn money by reviewing websites and completing questionnaires.

A visitor built website lets you focus on tasks more directly related to generating revenue, like advertising and promotion, while relieving you of most ofrepparttar 117261 chores of content creation. Which type of visitor built website will you start?

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