Slow Shutter Speeds and Long Exposure Photography

Written by Rick Blythe

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The light meter on your camera may not be able to accurately judgerepparttar best aperture setting for longer shutter speeds, especially in low-light situations, so your best bet is probably to "bracket." This means taking up to six pictures ofrepparttar 140743 same subject, but doublingrepparttar 140744 shutter speed each time. This will give you a variety of effects and exposures and allow you to chooserepparttar 140745 best shot. In general, slow shutter speeds will allow a lot of light intorepparttar 140746 camera, which means that you will want to use a small aperture (ie. f/22) to avoid over-exposingrepparttar 140747 shot. In bright daylight it will be necessary to userepparttar 140748 lowest ISO available and a neutral density filter to cutrepparttar 140749 light down.

Some great effects and shutter speeds to try are:

Moving stars: several hours Moving cars at night: 10 seconds Waterfalls: 4 seconds + Amusement park rides: 1 second

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Civil War Uniform Shirts - Should You Use a One or Two-Piece Body?

Written by Paula and Coach McCoach

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If you don't have enough material to do a 1-piece body, you can do 2 and piece them together using a shoulder strap.

It depended on how much material they had. You can only tell if it is a 2-piece body if you turnrepparttar shirt inside out. Yes,repparttar 140720 2-piece body was common during Civil War times.

There were many civilian shirts duringrepparttar 140721 war and they varied greatly because many of them were sent from home.

All my shirts have glass buttons on them, but that is no rule either.

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