Slot Machines

Written by Adel Awwad

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Bonus features and free spin games:

Unlikerepparttar classic game of Blackjack or Roulette, most Slot machines offer bonus features which include free spins and a chance to win real money for free.

Eating, drinking and smoking:

Many Slot machine establishments allow players to eat, drink or smoke while playingrepparttar 148484 game. This adds torepparttar 148485 player's sense of enjoyment and freedom without having to worry about what other players are thinking or how they will react.

No pushing or shoving:

Unlike a game of Roulette where players often push and shove their way between other players in order to place a bet, one does not need to tolerate such behavior when playing Slots.

Real money:

While classic casino games are played with plastic casino chips, Slot machines are played with real money notes and coins, makingrepparttar 148486 gambling experience much more realistic forrepparttar 148487 player.


Being a single player game, one is able to bet as much or as little on any game withoutrepparttar 148488 knowledge of other persons. This is a significant advantage consideringrepparttar 148489 fact that one does not want to attractrepparttar 148490 attention of any questionable characters by betting large amounts of money in open view of a group of people.

Given these set of facts, it is no wonder that Slot machines are one ofrepparttar 148491 most popular games in a casino, often generating approximately one third ofrepparttar 148492 total casino's income.

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The Steiff Teddy Bear Story

Written by Sharon Lauer

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By 1902repparttar inspiration was reality and Margaret was producing a jointed soft filled teddy bear with mohair plush fur and glass eyes. They wererepparttar 148457 first jointed teddy bears produced. In 1903 Richard displayedrepparttar 148458 new bears atrepparttar 148459 Leipzig Toy Fair. Unfortunately they didn't generate much interest inrepparttar 148460 Europeans. As Richard was packing up his display atrepparttar 148461 end ofrepparttar 148462 fair, American Hermann Berg chanced by his booth. Berg was a buyer forrepparttar 148463 New York firm Geo Borgfeldt and Company. At about this time in Americarepparttar 148464 story of Theodore Roosevelt's 'Teddy's Bear' was becoming popular. Berg placed an order for 3,000 bears. By 1904repparttar 148465 Steiff teddy bear had become an American success. They were awarded various accolades includingrepparttar 148466 prestigious Grand Prix award. In total 12,000 bears were sold byrepparttar 148467 end of 1904 withrepparttar 148468 trademark button inrepparttar 148469 left ear. Publicity from Roosevelt's adventure helped place teddy bears inrepparttar 148470 hearts of Americans where they remain today. The world record price for an antique bear was made at a December 1994 auction. The winning bid was $176,000.00 for a 1905 Steiff bear. Steiff teddy bears continue to leave their marks today inrepparttar 148471 hearts of collectors and teddy bear lovers alike.

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