Slot Machine Odds

Written by Tom McBroom

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To illustrate, let's assume you want to play a machine that has a three coin maximum bet. Should you playrepparttar maximum? Look atrepparttar 142336 payout information. Ifrepparttar 142337 jackpot amount for one coin bet is 1,000, for two coins 2,000 and for three coins 5,000, thenrepparttar 142338 jackpot is bigger proportionally for three coins and you should betrepparttar 142339 maximum coins. This is becauserepparttar 142340 maximum coins to bet is three timesrepparttar 142341 minimum butrepparttar 142342 maximum coin jackpot is five timesrepparttar 142343 amount ofrepparttar 142344 minimum coin jackpot. This means your jackpot odds are better if you playrepparttar 142345 maximum coins.

In this same example, ifrepparttar 142346 three coin jackpot was 3,000 instead of 5,000, then you should only play one coin at a time because there is no odds advantage to playing maximum coins.

One disadvantage of playing maximum coins, even ifrepparttar 142347 jackpot is proportionally larger, is that smaller, less-than-jackpot payouts are usually not proportionally larger for maximum coins played. It's onlyrepparttar 142348 jackpot that is proportionally larger. For this reason, we recommend only playing minimum coins on machines that do no have a proportionally larger jackpot for maximum coins. This way, you money will last longer and you increase your odds of winning smaller jackpots and maybe coming away a slight winner.

Good Luck!

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Cindy Alexander Breaks Through With New Album Angels & Demons

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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Angels & Demons features standout tracks such as “Immortal,” a killer track. It getsrepparttar sparks of emotions flying right fromrepparttar 142177 first note. The quirky alternate rocker “Better When I’m Broken” has some catchy rockin’ riffs that takerepparttar 142178 listener throughrepparttar 142179 emotional ringer inrepparttar 142180 space of five minutes. “Immortal” is a musical dance with lyrics that are very much tuned in torepparttar 142181 world of today. The sound and lyrical content have hit single written all over it.

With a voice so brilliant, powerful and effortless, Cindy Alexander is this year’s favorite to enjoy an “overnight success” story. This isrepparttar 142182 kind of stuff that dreams are made of. In this case, it will be a lifetime of hard work and perseverance reaching its fruition. The atmospheric and striking musical canvas she paints forrepparttar 142183 listener inrepparttar 142184 music becomes a true to life story onrepparttar 142185 first listen of Angels & Demons. We all have our demons to conquer and Alexander has them eating her dust while embracing her own guardian angels every step ofrepparttar 142186 way to make this a positive musical experience for herself and anyone that is fortunate enough to hear her voice of conviction. Angels & Demons will resonate in your mind long afterrepparttar 142187 CD stops spinning in your stereo.

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