Sleep With 'Em First!

Written by Ed Williams

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Folks, you can even select/reject a potential mate based on how they sleep. If you decide to live with someone and then discover that they drool a lot while sleeping, hey, you might decide it’s not something you want to deal with. And guys or ladies, if your significant other wetsrepparttar bed, well, you may definitely decide that it’s not something you want to deal with. And ladies, if you lay there one night and hear your fella whispering words likerepparttar 139398 following:


“I promise I’ll marry you one day...”


“Certainly I’ll respect you tomorrow...”


“No one will ever know....” It might be a sign that he’s dreaming about something other thanrepparttar 139399 1967 Green Bay Packers. It might also be a sign that you’ll soon want him to be examiningrepparttar 139400 front door of your place (the side that leads torepparttar 139401 outside).

All sorts of other useful things can be determined during sleep - ever roll over duringrepparttar 139402 night and discover that your spouse must’ve had food with lots of garlic in it? Or onions? Worse yet, ever discover that they must’ve eaten a whole lot of raisin bran earlier inrepparttar 139403 day? Or even worse than that, ever discover that their slack jawed look is not one that’s going raise your level of passion to new heights anytime soon?

So sleep, how people sleep, and what they do during sleep can tell you a lot. A whole lot. It can make you love somebody or hate somebody, it can take someone normal looking and turn them into a haint, simply put, it can changerepparttar 139404 whole course of a relationship with another person. And that’s something I could go into even more, and it’s something that I would like to go into even more, but hey, I’m a bit tired right now, so guess what I’m about to do?

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How to Upload Photos that will Create Interest

Written by Frank Duru

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Now, once you’ve selected that perfect picture, you might need to scan it. Here are a few tips that can help this process run smoothly:

When scanning your image, make sure you do a preview scan first. This will helprepparttar scanner locaterepparttar 139377 image and ensure you only copyrepparttar 139378 picture - notrepparttar 139379 entire scanner bed. Photocopies often do not scan very well. If you have a scanner, it is best to scanrepparttar 139380 original image to achieve best quality. You might want to consider, oncerepparttar 139381 image is on your computer, usingrepparttar 139382 Cropping Tool. Cropping is an excellent way to remove unnecessary and distracting elements from your picture.

After you have selected and scanned a photo, you can upload it onto your profile; however, there are certain guidelines to be remembered before you post a picture. They are as follows:

The picture must be of you; do not try to pass a friend, family member, celebrity, etc off as yourself. The picture cannot contain any contact information; this can be potentially dangerous. Do not include phone numbers, addresses, etc. Do not include sexually graphic pictures; this rule covers touching yourself or others in a sexual way (this includes masturbation), sexual intercourse orrepparttar 139383 use of bodily fluids. Your picture can be rejected if it is copyrighted, unless you have permission fromrepparttar 139384 original artist. Your picture can also be rejected if it is deemed to be offensive, obscene, or violent.

The photo can, ultimately, berepparttar 139385 most important part of your profile; chose it wisely and seerepparttar 139386 reactions it gets!

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