Slaves' Songs and Freedom

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Clearly,repparttar slaves’ world was much more complicated than most slaveholders understood. The slave community supported its members as they dealt withrepparttar 140039 institution of slavery andrepparttar 140040 human relationships within it. {In this way it was an extended family with children being cared for by all and a real strength existed thatrepparttar 140041 masters did not have as they competed against each other or screwedrepparttar 140042 slaves to satisfy indecent needs while neglecting their wife and family.} Underrepparttar 140043 power ofrepparttar 140044 planters, slaves had to depend on ingenuity, imagination, andrepparttar 140045 creative use of information. They also used whites’ racial stereotypes to their advantage whenever possible. Since slaveholders generally assumed that slaves’ singing connoted contentment and passivity,repparttar 140046 slaves used music to pass along messages, to controlrepparttar 140047 pace of work, to placate a suspicious master, or to subtly comment on a person or a situation forrepparttar 140048 benefit or amusement of fellow slaves. When slaves sang ‘patter-roll round me. Thank God he no ketch me,’ most slaves understoodrepparttar 140049 humorous message. Slaves referred torepparttar 140050 slave patrols, generally made up of poor white men who did not own slaves, as ‘patter rollers’. This song wasrepparttar 140051 story of slaves who eludedrepparttar 140052 patrol by cunning and guile. A song urging slaves to ‘Steal away to Jesus’ could alert listeners to an upcoming secret meeting, while ‘Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home,’ might tell ofrepparttar 140053 possibility of rescue from bondage. Other songs about seeking freedom announced ‘people get ready, there’s a train a comin’,’ or told ofrepparttar 140054 ‘dark and thorny’ pathway ‘beyond this vale of sorrow’ leading to ‘de fields of endless days.’ Old Testament stories of deliverance from bondage andrepparttar 140055 triumph of good over powerful evil often providedrepparttar 140056 themes for slave songs. The walls of Jericho that Joshua destroyed became a surrogate forrepparttar 140057 bonds of slavery. The message was subtle, butrepparttar 140058 words, musical inflection, pitch, and tone toldrepparttar 140059 story ofrepparttar 140060 slave’s suffering and determination to be free.” (12 & 13)

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Gift Giving For Baby

Written by Wayne Liu

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If expectant mom plans to breastfeed, try getting her a big soft blanket that she can use to put over her shoulder while nursing. Books and magazines will help keep mom entertained while breastfeeding. A one-year subscription of parenting magazine is a fine gift idea too.

Consider photo albums for gifts. New parents take lots of pictures of their baby. If new mom is someone who loves to do scrapbook, consider giving a scrapbook album. A good quality 4" x 6" photo album makes good baby gift too.

Consider buying gifts forrepparttar baby's nursery. Mobile, lamp, blanket or quilt are good gift ideas forrepparttar 139779 nursery. Some of these items can be personalized withrepparttar 139780 baby's name. A toy chest for extra storage space forrepparttar 139781 nursery should make a fine gift.

You can never go wrong with books. Board books are more suitable for babies. They don't rip easily. When buying books for first time parents, you may want to consider classics like "Goodnight Moon", "Patrepparttar 139782 Bunny" and many other titles. Why classics? Chances are these books are not inrepparttar 139783 new parents' collection yet.

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