Slavery, 'Colon'- ization & the fall of ethical family structure

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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One interpretation of Columbus’ ventures in America says when he could not findrepparttar Gold Mines like El Dorado he started using slavery asrepparttar 146541 way to justify his commercial purposes and get more investment for further ‘explorations’. Certainly he is central torepparttar 146542 explosion of slaving and his acts are atrocious by any standards. Jean Lafitte is also a Spanish or Sephardic Jew (an alchemist by many accounts) and involved in slavery. I have done a book focused on Lafitte, Columbus and slavery in my Synarchy series. I have baptismal records and other things related to Lafitte that a modern day man named Patrick Lafitte sent to me. But I cannot say thatrepparttar 146543 Lafittes came from Catalan as yet. He did claim to have noble lineage and his esoteric interests do jibe with these Catalan Tartessians who worked withrepparttar 146544 Iberian ventures includingrepparttar 146545 Druidic University inrepparttar 146546 Rennes area which was there due torepparttar 146547 natural pentagram and Earth Energy Grid importance of this most spiritual place. The Borgias are from this same area and they hadrepparttar 146548 ‘remote poison’ or tepaphone thatrepparttar 146549 Lost Chord technology had created. When you arerepparttar 146550 only people who haverepparttar 146551 Pentagon Dodecahedron knowledge that had allowed Greeks to summarily execute anyone who would share that knowledge then you are a real ‘master’ of men. We need people leading us who are not into such secret knowledge who are willing to share all knowledge that all people can use to help each other.

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Chinese Zodiac Signs

Written by Bo Guo

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  • Rat- Perfectionist, charming, aggressive, secretive, party-loving, quick-witted, stubborn, good at politics and business, can be mean
  • Ox- Quiet, quick to anger, excellent memories, hard-working, family loyalty, creative, skilful hands, responsible, self-confident
  • Tiger- Leaders, courageous, territorial, possessive, fighters, generous and selfish, magnetic, passionate, works solo, dynamic
  • Rabbit- Sweet-natured, conservative, artistic, tasteful, sentimental, emotional, shy, faithful to partners, romantic, avoid fighting
  • Dragon- Regal, leader, centre of attention, powerful, lucky, aggressive, dynamic, big ego, snobbish, tyrannical
  • Snake- Charming, popular, lies easily, possessive, hates rejection, deep thinker, well-mannered, lazy, romantic, insecure
  • Horse- Crowd lover, rebellious, energetic, selfish, self-centered, good with money, cunning, lacks self-confidence
  • Sheep or goat- Artistic, creative, lazy, disorganized, charming, well-mannered, dreamy, pessimistic, romantic, worrier, not good in business
  • Monkey- Charming, witty, clever, emotional, unscrupulous, love food but not gluttons, deceptive, funny, lucky
  • Rooster- Straight-forward, honest, flashy dresser, loyal, honest, dreamer, psychic, busy, loves a bargain, observers
  • Dog- Traditional, loyal, sincere, intelligent, private, judgmental, serious, anxious, likes solitude, champions causes
  • Pig or boar- Loving, caring, chivalrous, sincere, honourable, easy to take advantage of, belief in goodness, love food, romantic, jealous

As you can seerepparttar Chinese calendar with its Chinese zodiac symbols is most interesting indeed. If you look up your Chinese zodiac sign, you will enjoyrepparttar 146482 time learning more about yourself.

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