Skin and Hair Care Guide for the Summers

Written by Alicia Caldelas

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HAIR: Try using a sunscreen for your hair. Leaving on a conditioner with UV protection is a great bet for dry and brittle hair. Products for treated hair are a must in summer, besides regularly using liss and fizz control solutions. A regular oil massage too helps. Try deep-conditioning treatment, asrepparttar sun-rays damagerepparttar 137724 hair.

THE GOLDEN RULE: You need to regularly followrepparttar 137725 three golden rules of cleansing, toning and moisturising for a healthy skin and fabulous glow.

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Narciso Rodriguez

Written by Estate Jewelry International

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The turning point in his life was when Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was was killed in a plane accident. Narciso had lost one of his dearest and best friends and for him this was a reality check and a wake up call.. Life without friends, family andrepparttar love of his work didn't seem like such a great opportunity anymore. Narciso left LVMH and came home realizing what he needed wasrepparttar 137599 freedom of his own design collection. Narciso was able to focus on his own line of clothing creatingrepparttar 137600 perfect look for woman. Rather than designing dresses for matchsticks, Narcisoís designs accentuatedrepparttar 137601 curves and bustline ofrepparttar 137602 woman, creating what was called a real woman design. Narciso Latin background came through in his designs with each having a hint of Latin flare. Narciso said Latino women had figures and were proud of that fact so they were perfect for where he wanted to go with his designs. Narciso talents as a designer were so good, he was even able to makerepparttar 137603 petite woman look voluptuous. Sarah Jessica Parker, Sheryl Crow and Salma Hayek all wore exquisite gowns designed by Narciso. Not one of these celebs was 6 feet tall, yetrepparttar 137604 fit of these gowns was to die for. Inrepparttar 137605 spring of 1998 Narciso debuted his ready to wear signature collection in Milan. It made it into virtually every major fashion magazine. Rodriguez's American experience and Latin roots, combined with his flair for European tradition of fine design, are all part of his great success. In 1997 Narciso won Best New Designer fromrepparttar 137606 VH1 Fashion Awards, and was awarded Hispanic Designer ofrepparttar 137607 Year. In 1998 he wonrepparttar 137608 CFDA Perry Ellis Award, Inrepparttar 137609 past these honors have gone to designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. Inrepparttar 137610 past two years Rodriguez has been withrepparttar 137611 CFDA Awards: In both 2002 and 2003 he wonrepparttar 137612 Womenswear Designer ofrepparttar 137613 Year.

In a more recent issue of O Magazine Oprah Winfrey stands proudly wearing a golden dress designed by non other than Narciso. Now believe it or not this dress just isnít gold in color, it is made of gold metal that has been pressed to make a dress fabric. The dress can be seein in O Magazine as well as at

Narciso is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to womanís fashion. He designs for real woman. If you are interested in Narciso Rodrigues and his designs visit his web page at

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