Skin Care Enhance Your Pretty Look

Written by Loraine Lesley

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3. Eat lots of healthy foods, namely fresh fruits and vegetables which act as great antioxidants. They are substances that prevent damage inrepparttar body caused by free radicals. Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, tuna, and mostly seafood, as well as onions, garlic, and broccoli are great sources of food high in antioxidant.

4. Avoid smoking and stay away from alcohol. They are real skin enemies since they create wrinkles to your skin and making it dry.

5. Carry out proper treatments for your skin: clean your skin with water and free-chemicals cleansing products everyday, scrub your skin regularly to remove dead cells and smoothrepparttar 145507 skin, and moisturize it with skin lotion and cream containing high amount of vitamin E.

Those tips above are actually only a few of numerous skin treatments. You should maintain your youthful looks by always giving good care of your skin. Consuming vitamins and supplements is also a good way to do it. Donít forget to drink a lot of water and exercise regularly! Have a healthy skin, and of course a healthy living!

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Herbal Medicine

Written by Ken Shorey

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Folk use of herbal remedies is familiar to all of us in some form or another, because this is how these remedies are learned. Remedies and recipes for herbal teas are handed down from generation to generation and are still remembered and used to this day. Unfortunately, that is what fuelsrepparttar fire ofrepparttar 145301 scientific community and their disdain. It really is their loss, because generations of experience and knowledge should not be so readily dismissed. In fact, many of our modern medicines have their roots in herbal medicine.

With all our so-called advancements inrepparttar 145302 medical field, itís interesting that physicians are still treating "effect" rather than "cause."

Thankfully,repparttar 145303 current changes inrepparttar 145304 world toward traditional remedies is changing forrepparttar 145305 better.

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