Six techniques to triple your website hits

Written by Steve Morey

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5: Get yourself a signature:

Many people ignorerepparttar idea of a signature in their email, this can often be a great idea. People will see this link can often visit, you may not agree but one more visitor is better than none.

6: Setup an affiliate program:

Currently I am inrepparttar 141588 process of getting my own affiliate program custom built. There are many major reasons for getting your own affiliate program. The most important reason is, allowing other websites advertise your products for you. This has to be a brilliant idea, even though you are paying them you are only paying them from sales that they have helped generate, otherwise you would not have had these sales.

I do not recommend working too hard at trying to impress google, my main website only has a medium PR of 5. I have not optimised this site for google nor do I intend to. I have had many issues with google and they will find any excuse to exclude anyone from their index. Google make their own rules, you cannot defend yourself. Even so I still recommend submitting your website torepparttar 141589 major search engines, do be careful to do so only once.

Good luck with improving your visitor base, I cannot guarantee these techniques will improve your traffic. Although I have tripled my visitor count in three months, I am very happy with my results. Even withinrepparttar 141590 past week my site is receiving an average of 10 customers more per day, without any extra work.

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Of Spam and Sandboxes

Written by Ross Lambert

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Worried about duplicate content and potential search engine punishment? Good. You should be. Don’t do it.

Ah, but what about duplicate content on other people’s web sites? If they don’t link to you, you don’t have anything to worry about. I’ll save a further explanation about that for later, but I don’t believe it makes sense for Google to punish you for something that is not giving you any advantage. Besides, they understand content syndication. Google’s developers and designers are anything but stupid.

2. Your money site does not necessarily need to be extremely narrowly focused on a few key words, but your feeder sites should be. For example, I will soon be starting a web site for those folks trying to develop an online business in their spare time. That is, they hold down a regular job and do this stuff at night. The site is called and it is not live yet (butrepparttar sign-up page works). Anyway, that will be one of my “money sites”. It will cover a plethora of topics related to internet marketing, time management, technology, and even health.

In order to “feed” it potential customers, I am also developing “feeder” sites that will focus on each of those more focused topics. The feeder sites will contain as many highly focused articles on their subject matter as I can find. My goal is thatrepparttar 141555 search engines will (rightly) see them as quite valuable and relevant results for some important search terms. Then visitors will seerepparttar 141556 links and ads for MidnightMarketer and head on over. I can even make a little money off those that don’t click through to, thanks to Adsense ads mixed into each page by Sonic Page Blaster.

3. Don’t use reciprocal links, especially between your feeder sites and your money page. Yes, I know that flies inrepparttar 141557 face of conventional wisdom. But try to understand Google’s motivations--that isrepparttar 141558 key to predicting what they will eventually do. They understand that one-way links are usually more meaningful than reciprocal links, which are often just trades between webmasters. A one-way link usually points to something useful.

OK, I’ll back off on this just a little: When you can, get one-way links. When there is no other choice, reciprocate. And yes, you can be sure Google keeps track of all links into and out of a web site.

4. Do use a blog, hopefully even more than one. Blogs don’t have to be on your server(s), they’re not owned by you, and it is going to drive Google’s software gurus nuts trying to sortrepparttar 141559 wheat fromrepparttar 141560 chaff inrepparttar 141561 blogging world. Even though I support Google in most things, it is kinda fun to do something that makes them a little crazy. [I mean that in a good way, Sergei.]

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The MidnightMarketer

Ross Lambert is a senior software engineer for a fast-growing telecommunications firm in Kirkland, WA. He is also the founder of and

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