Six common criminal types and how to avoid them

Written by Scott Shaper

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•Potential date rapist behavioral signs that should raise a red flag

•Circumstances that are favorable to this crime and how to avoid them

•Preventative tips for both rape and date rape

•Suggestions of what to do when confronted with a rapist

Alcohol induced troublemakers:

These types of people are normally pretty descent people, but when they drink they become a monster. We had one person who was huge, strong as an ox, and when he drank look out it was going to be fight night. We would always have to wrestle with him, once we had him cuffed and inrepparttar back seat ofrepparttar 105879 car. He would sit and smash his head againstrepparttar 105880 plastic divider so hard that he would cut it open, and then off torepparttar 105881 hospital we would go. Once he got into a cell he would dorepparttar 105882 same thing againstrepparttar 105883 cell wall cutting his head open and again off torepparttar 105884 hospital we would go. Usually arresting him meant a fight, two trips torepparttar 105885 hospital, and having at least three officers tied up for hours. Yet when he was sober he wasrepparttar 105886 nicest guy, alcohol just made him extremely violent. Of course he mixed a few drugs in there too, but alcohol wasrepparttar 105887 main cause for his violence. You will encounter these types atrepparttar 105888 bar, sporting events, large parties, and unfortunately sometimes weddings. The best defense against these types is just stay clear of them, and don’t get into any confrontations with them.

Silent Assaulters:

These are typically your domestic violence types. They are outwardly pretty meek and mild, where most people that know them outside ofrepparttar 105889 home would never think they are domestic abusers; however, insiderepparttar 105890 home structure they are very controlling, and that control is enforced through physical assaults and psychological degradation. I remember one incident where a woman was severely beaten by her live in boyfriend. She was surprised that she ever got into this situation. She stated that she was an educated professional woman, and her abuser was a well educated man making a six figure income. According to her, he is kind off a geek that nobody would give a second thought of as far as being a threat. However, he beat her so badly that she was hospitalized with a closed head injury. It’s very important to really knowrepparttar 105891 person you are getting involved with. Many times red flags will appear early inrepparttar 105892 relationship that are signs thatrepparttar 105893 person could be a domestic abuser. I have written a complete section on domestic violence which is covered in my book “Crime Awareness 101.” In that section I talk about what to look for, preventative measures to take,repparttar 105894 cycle of violence, plus what to do when you are a victim. I also list numerous support groups and other resources.


These are criminals who are better known as con artists. They pre plan their scams and are usually very good at them. They are normally non violent, very good at getting your trust, and talking their way out of situations. They offer free trips, discounted services, money, etc… whatever they offer its just front to get you interested, inrepparttar 105895 end they are going to take your money. They may also pose as your Medical Insurance carrier, Bank, Credit Card Company, etc, and con you into telling them your personal information. These con artists attempt their scams in person, overrepparttar 105896 phone, and throughrepparttar 105897 internet. In my book “Crime Awareness 101” I wrote a chapter on scams which list some ofrepparttar 105898 more common scams and what to look out for. Inrepparttar 105899 members area of my website I list, and consistently update even more scams.

About the author: Scott Shaper is a former police officer with over fourteen year’s law enforcement experience. He is also the author of the book “Crime Awareness 101”, and the operator of the website Visit his website for more crime prevention articles and information about his book.


Written by Machhindra Gojame

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Second important point is, people don’t feel that system of child labour is an important burning issue. Therefore, people are not deoply concerned about it, as they are concerned about other national issue. As people are not aware, it becomes extromely difficult to raiserepparttar voice against this system. It means,repparttar 105878 first step is to generate awareness amongrepparttar 105879 masses on this issue. Allrepparttar 105880 national and state level political parties are quite indifferent on this issue. Except one or two none is interested in this issue. Casually they express their opinious or shout some slogaus or make some demands on this issue. But it doesnot mean that they are really interested in solving this problem.

It may be interesting to know, why these political parties are indiferent about this issue. The reasons may be child labour are notrepparttar 105881 voters or vote banks for any political part, and as they are most unorganised, neither they are in a position to influencerepparttar 105882 voting pattern.

As some awareness aboutrepparttar 105883 issue is being generated on national level and people have started expressing their discontent and again international community is also discussingrepparttar 105884 issue, government is compelled to take some measures for improvingrepparttar 105885 situation child labour. For this, Central labour ministry has formulated a scheme which will implemented inrepparttar 105886 current plan itself. Under this scheme 100 districts are identified and 2000 child labour from each district will be rehabilitated. (17 districts from Maharashtra are included in this scheme). With this speed, even 100 years will not be enough to rehabilitaterepparttar 105887 entire child labour ofrepparttar 105888 country. Available information reveals that, state Government does not have nay programme for improvingrepparttar 105889 situation of this lot. Previous Government had announced to add some more industries torepparttar 105890 list of hazardous industries. This government says that they will pas a comprehensive legistation on this issue. In our country thousands of voluntary organisations are working inrepparttar 105891 field of education, social service, social welfare or social change, but only few of them are really involved in this campaign. It is difficult to say that whatever they are doing is important or not, butrepparttar 105892 basic objective of allrepparttar 105893 voluntary organisations is to build a happy and prosperous socity. But, if we want to have a happy and protection, employment generation, population control and eradication of system of child labour. In this perspective, a question may be asked that, what exactly we should do for eradication of this system. But we should keep in mind that, there are no short cuts to solve this problem. Liberation of child labour and prevention ofrepparttar 105894 system both carry equal importance. Measurs should be take to improvethe situation in both areas. There is a need to implement poverty alleviation programme. Perticularly guaranting employment to adults through outrepparttar 105895 year, assuring minimum wages for them. Facilition for rehabilitation and education of child labour should be provided.

We must keep in mind that, system of child labour is universally existing sytem. It is existing in developed countries like America and Russia as well as in developing countries like India and Pakistan. It shows that this system is exploitation than to poverty and unemployment. More work and less pay is only possible in a system of Child Labour only. Child Labour could easily be exploited. Exploiters know this reality therefore; they promote and protectrepparttar 105896 system. The point is whether we would offose this mentality of exploitation pf Child labour or not. It we donot allrepparttar 105897 system then allrepparttar 105898 remedias will prove to be useless and programme for improvingrepparttar 105899 situation will continue for ever.

Machhindra Gojame

1.Name: Machhindra Gojame 2.Address: People's Intitute Of Rural Development-PIRD Karad Nagar , Nanded Road , P.O.: Ahmedpur , Dist : Latur, Maharashtra , INDIA 3.Age: 51 years 4.Occupations Field: Rural Dev. & social Change. 5.position: president of PIRD 6:special Subject: Child labour & waterhed development programme. 7:email: website:

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