Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name

Written by Syd Johnson

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Brainstorm your way to a great domain name Brainstorming isrepparttar only way to get a good domain name. Whether you write, use a name generation software, a dictionary or try random words, itís your creative approach that will give you quality results in less time.

Here are 4 easy domain name generation ideas: 1.Write aboutrepparttar 148574 product(s) that you plan to sell 2.Write aboutrepparttar 148575 topic or theme of your site 3.Write aboutrepparttar 148576 type of customers you want to visit your site 4.Start with one word descriptions and then add secondary words until your get an effective word or phrase that you register as your domain name.

Check out your competitorís websites. Are they using words that fall into a specific category like product names, rhyming words, or names of cities? These can all give you clues about what types of words and descriptions that makerepparttar 148577 best domain names for your type of service. It can also give you some clues into what works best with customers and search engines. In this case, you donít have to reinventrepparttar 148578 wheel, you just tweak it a bit to get better results.

Youíll also have words for your Search Engine Marketing Campaign The cool thing about this technique is that it will also help you to generate a list of words that you can use later on as part of your search engine optimization campaign. Whether you plan to do this on your own or through a Pay-Per-Click service, you will be ahead ofrepparttar 148579 game with a long list of keywords to choose from.

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Choosing a Right Domain Name by

Written by Paras Shah

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.Com, .Net, .Info:

Most people will agree a .com is best. A web user told us, ďWhenever I canít rememberrepparttar domain name but I knowrepparttar 148477 site name, brand or company, Iíll try for a .com firstĒ. If you have no good .com alternative, start with .net and .org first. Also, be sure to consistently promote your website as a .net or .org whatever you may choose.

Hyphens, Suffixes and Prefixes:

Hyphens arenít necessarily evil especially if itís in your brand name or isrepparttar 148478 correct way to write a word. However, they are difficult to remember, type and prone to user input mistakes. Avoid them as much as you can.

Suffixes and prefixes are iís, eís, theís and numbers usually suggested by domain search tools when your desired domain is unavailable. If you choose such a domain, be very consistent in your promotion. Promoterepparttar 148479 domain as a whole, do not leave outrepparttar 148480 suffix or prefix. You might also want to avoid domains with very little difference between them. These are usually between plurals and singulars. Aim for singular names whenever possible. For example, and; if is taken resistrepparttar 148481 temptation to opt for because people tend to leave outrepparttar 148482 s.

Can You Say It?

This isnít always a top consideration but it makes sense you should have a domain name that can be verbally communicated. Take your list of chosen domains and tell it to someone. Does it confuse them? Do you find yourself having to constantly repeat it or spell it? If that is so, move on or go back torepparttar 148483 drawing board.

Copyrights and Trademarks:

In this day and age, many companies particularly those with strong brand names are increasingly protective of their trademarks. Avoidrepparttar 148484 trouble and expense of a lawsuit by spending some time to research your chosen name. Start by looking uprepparttar 148485 name withrepparttar 148486 United States Patent and Trademark Office ( and your stateís trademark database.

Expiring Domains:

Anyone who has looked for a domain name finds out soon enough more than halfrepparttar 148487 desired names are taken. If you cannot find a suitable one despite numerous searches, why not explore expired domains? Expired domains are those whose original registrant fails to renew commonly are due to website closings or companies going out of business. Withinrepparttar 148488 list of expired domains are some real gems. There are many services that allow you to monitor expired and soon to expire domains for a fee. Before you sign up for them, a good place to start researching for free is

Some believe recently expired domains with good traffic and rankings allow you to benefit from someone elseís hard work and give your site a head start. Theoretically, that may be true. Realistically, you shouldnít expect that to last. People consistently return to a website for a reason. If your topic is very different fromrepparttar 148489 original site, visitors will stop coming back becauserepparttar 148490 information or resource they previously had access to be no longer there. If you assume such a domain and want to convert as many visitors as possible, make sure your content is very closely related or similar to that ofrepparttar 148491 old site. You might want to also check thatrepparttar 148492 old site has completely ceased operations. Ifrepparttar 148493 previous site still exists under a different domain, loyalists eventually find their way back there; Word gets around among them and could create a negative image onrepparttar 148494 old domain thatís now yours.


When you do register as domain, have it registered under your name or your company. If you are registering through your host, remember a lot can happen within a short space of time. Companies go out of business or you change hosts, scams, scandals and more. Making sure you ownrepparttar 148495 domain reducesrepparttar 148496 risk of losing your domain name inrepparttar 148497 future. Check your hostís domain registration policy. If there are unnecessary expenses to transfer your domain, try to register it yourself instead. Registering a domain is a very simple and straightforward affair. Some good registrars to try are Enom and GoDaddy.

Finally, when you do findrepparttar 148498 best available domain, get it immediately. Any delays no matter how minor may cost you. Findingrepparttar 148499 right domain is not easy. It takes a lot of brainstorming, patience and creativity. Once you find it, donít let it slip.

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