Six Tips to Keep Up Your Exercise Motivation

Written by Heather Moreno, PeopleFit USA

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4.Treat yourself to technology. Tools like heart rate monitors and calorie trackers make exercise more fun and let you see instantlyrepparttar results of your efforts.

5.Club it. If you like to bike, run, swim or dance, join a club. The social component makes it fun whilerepparttar 130769 group can provide accountability and motivation to stay on track.

6.Seerepparttar 130770 whole picture. Focus on allrepparttar 130771 benefits of exercise, like how a good workout makes you feel orrepparttar 130772 decrease in your cholesterol level. The more benefits you can identify repparttar 130773 more motivated you are to exercise, even at times when you donít feel like it.

Heather Moreno is a CPA escapee who followed her passion for fitness. She is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise. Heather is president of PeopleFit USAÖ getting you fit in 20 minutes a week over the phone. If working out isnít working out for you or youíve tried your last diet, visit Is your group or company looking for a fitness motivational speaker or corporate fitness program? Ask Heather!

Alternatively Endo

Written by Tammy Majchrzak

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"How can i do this when in such pain" - The key is to start small with gentle stretches to energise and wake uprepparttar body. for many it will be introducingrepparttar 130768 body to exercise again, in a gentle form. As you become more flexible and willing to practice you can move on to shall we say bigger postures that work to rebuild muscle, tonerepparttar 130769 body from inside out. Yoga is your personal journey and I personally feel it is a most valuable tool for not only those with Endometriosis but for anyone who wants to unite mind, body and spirit.

Qualified Yoga Practitioner and spiritual healer. Great interest in Alternative therapies, diet and nutrition, yoga, healing, meditation etc. Currently working to generate awareness of how alternatives can assist those with Endometriosis, through diet and nutrition, exercise and alternative ways of living we can help to manage this disease.

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