Six Tips for Effective Listening

Written by Judith Richardson

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Screen out distractions: Imagine you andrepparttar client, customer or buyer are in a tunnel alone and all you can hear is each other. Think only ofrepparttar 148858 message.

Limit your talking: You can't listen and speak atrepparttar 148859 same time.

Listen for content: Listen torepparttar 148860 words. Don't respond to your stereotype of, or past history with,repparttar 148861 buyer. Stop judgingrepparttar 148862 style of delivery.

Prove that you listened: Once you believerepparttar 148863 client, customer or buyer has said everything, paraphrase what you heard. It confirms that what you are about to say responds to what they really said, andrepparttar 148864 feel heard!

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Real Estate Wealth Protection With Short Sales

Written by Mark Walters

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Find real estate stocks and do short selling. Well managed this can be an effective strategy.

If real estate values continue to climb you still own your property and continue to accumulate capital gains.

If real estate values begin to fall you sell short selected stocks and profit fromrepparttar decline, which balancesrepparttar 148838 loss inrepparttar 148839 value of your real estate. You protect your real estate gain... and maybe even come out ahead onrepparttar 148840 strategy.

An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund. That's a basket of stocks that trade under one symbol just like a stock. You can quickly buy, sell or short an ETF through an online broker in seconds. You have instant liquidly... something you don't have with real estate.

Two ETF's that you could be ready to short sell would be:

IYR - A basket of real estate stocks

IYF - A basket of financial stocks.

Lots of areas would be hard hit by a down turn in real estate including: banks, mortgage lenders, utility companies, materials suppliers and especially home builders.

The stocks of leading home builders that would suffer during a real estate bust include:

Brookfield Homes - BHS Beazer Homse - BZH Centex Corp - CTX D R Horton - DHI K B Home - KBH

Yes, short selling is a radical strategy forrepparttar 148841 smaller investor, but aren't yourepparttar 148842 one who needsrepparttar 148843 gain protectionrepparttar 148844 most?

You may find a local stock broker that would give you some help, but you should understand some basics aboutrepparttar 148845 stock market and trend following.

You can easily learn that here...

Mark Walters is an investor-entrepreneur helping other investors from his Web pages at

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