Six Things To Know Before Joining A CD Club

Written by Deal Dude

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(5) The clubs press their own CDs (which is one large reason they can make money practically giving away discs), and some people feel this makes them inferior torepparttar CDs you would buy in a store. But if you can hear a difference between a store-bought CD and a CD club disc, you have a better ear than most humans. The only difference you will see is a small label onrepparttar 135736 back ofrepparttar 135737 CD packaging that indicates it was manufactured by a club.

(6) The clubs no longer have toll-free customer service numbers, sorepparttar 135738 best way to contact them is by email. Always include your account number. If you want to cancel your account after you have fulfilled your membership requirements, you can write "Please cancel my membership" on your featured selection card. The contact numbers and customer service email are listed in your catalog each month.

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Activities to Help You Meet Mr. or Mrs. Right

Written by Sadie Peterson

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3.Take a class – No matter whatrepparttar subject, taking a class atrepparttar 135643 local junior college or education center will help you meet people. Pick something fun, like a cooking class, or something that’ll really boost your earnings, like a real estate investing class.

4.Say Yes – Without even realizing it, you’re probably turning down opportunities to meet new people every day. So,repparttar 135644 next time your co-worker mentions that networking meeting she goes to every Wednesday, or your boss suggests a happy hour after work, say Yes. The more people you’re exposed to,repparttar 135645 more likely you are to meet people who share your interests.

5.Join a social club – In nearly every city, there are clubs to help people meet each other. Sometimes they’re called Newcomers Clubs, other times simply Social Clubs. Regardless, joining such a club will give you access to unlimited potential friends – and will generally help you get to know your new city better, too! This is a fail-proof way to meet people, because everyone else wants to meet new people too.

Sadie Peterson has helped hundreds of people meet new friends. Her website,, helps members meet each other and explore San Diego.

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