Six Steps to Weight Loss Success

Written by Gerald Gore

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The key is to trick your body and keep it guessing. One ofrepparttar greatest, and most fun I might add, tricks used by bodybuilders is to add a cheat meal to their diet. For one meal a week you can go hog wild and eat whatever your heart desires, whether it be pizza, ice-cream or a meal full of Snickers. Now I understand there are those that would prefer to eat a cleaner diet so for them I recommend that they just double their carbohydrate intake one to two full days out ofrepparttar 151162 week (this is what I actually did when preparing for bodybuilding contest)

The real asset ofrepparttar 151163 cheat meal is that it keeps you honest with your diet. If your cheat meal is on Saturday and Wednesday your getting a really bad pizza craving, you can simply convince yourself to stay on track by reminding yourself that in three more days you can have whatever you want. Pushing your cravings off to your cheat meal date becomes a little goal for you to achieve while allowing you to maintain your sanity.

Step 4: Change diet later in day

As your day progresses you will want to shift your diet fromrepparttar 151164 more complex carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes and bread to more fibrous carbohydrates such as broccoli and other vegetables. The fibrous carbohydrates take longer to burn and you will not have to worry about spiking your insulin levels before you go to bed. Once exception to this rule is if you are working out inrepparttar 151165 evenings. In this case you will need to take an adequate amount of carbohydrates for your workout.

*Note: A good diet program should be designed for each individual. I would recommend consulting with a good nutritionist to be put on a diet program that works for you.

Step 5: Cardio inrepparttar 151166 morning

A successful weight loss routine involves both diet and exercise. If you are looking for long-term results, one does not go withoutrepparttar 151167 other. If you avoid doing either one orrepparttar 151168 other, you may experience some short-term success followed by long-term frustration. A great example of this is to watch people who are always doingrepparttar 151169 yo-yo diets. They lose weight one week only to gain it back plus some a few weeks later. Hey, we have all done this so keep in mind that both exercise and diet isrepparttar 151170 key to long-term success.

One trick that I have found works is to do your cardio workouts inrepparttar 151171 morning. Ideally I would walk onrepparttar 151172 treadmill or stair stepper at a moderate pace for 45 minutes inrepparttar 151173 morning (moderate pace meaning that I was breaking a good sweat but could maintain a conversation if necessary (Too fast of a pace and you will burn carbohydrates instead of fat). The benefits to this are that you not only increase your metabolism forrepparttar 151174 day you also will feel better too.

Even though I appear to have been stressingrepparttar 151175 benefits of a good cardio program, it would be irresponsible of me to not also point outrepparttar 151176 benefits of weight training. Simply put,repparttar 151177 more lean muscle mass you haverepparttar 151178 more calories your body will burn. I highly recommend you consider adding a weight resistant workout to your body fat reduction arsenal.

Step 6: Supplements

I would like to stress that diet supplements are a tool to help you reach your goal. Supplements alone are not a magic pill that will give you instant results. However, that being said, a good diet supplement added to a solid diet and workout program will help accelerate your results.

Tying it all together

I have personally used these six weight-losing principles to help me reduce unwanted body fat to win several bodybuilding contests. For example, I applied these exact principles to reduce my body fat from 28 percent to less than five percent in a six and a half month period. Although some ofrepparttar 151179 diet practices applied for a bodybuilding show may be extreme, these six principles can be applied and adjusted for everyone looking to reduce body fat. In conclusion and to recap,repparttar 151180 six basic steps to weight loss success is to drink a gallon of ice cold water a day, eat six small meals a day versesrepparttar 151181 traditional large three, add a cheat meal to your diet program, adjust your carbohydrate intake towardsrepparttar 151182 end ofrepparttar 151183 day, do cardio workouts inrepparttar 151184 morning and finally add supplements as a tool to your diet and workout program.

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Gas Perm Lens Solutions : New Rules for Lens Care

Written by James Perez

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New pH Adjusting Solution for RGPs:

One really great development in solutions specifically for rigid gas permeable lenses isrepparttar new Alcon "Unique pH" solution. Some lens wearers inrepparttar 151118 past have experienced irritation in adjusting to lenses becauserepparttar 151119 pH ofrepparttar 151120 lens is different thanrepparttar 151121 natural pH of their eyes. In response to this,repparttar 151122 new "Unique pH" solution was developed so it automatically adjusts its pH to matchrepparttar 151123 pH ofrepparttar 151124 wearer's tears. In fact,repparttar 151125 company offers to packrepparttar 151126 lenses in this solution prior to shipping, so they will already have soaked in it for awhile whenrepparttar 151127 patient gets them. In this way, they will already be ready to adjust torepparttar 151128 patient's eyes as soon as they arrive, making for a much smoother adjustment period forrepparttar 151129 patient.

It's clear right away thatrepparttar 151130 choice of lens solutions is not so simple anymore. Not only can your old solution cause problems withrepparttar 151131 new technologies, butrepparttar 151132 choice of newer solutions can also offer additional benefits thatrepparttar 151133 old types of solutions don't have. Rather than knocking yourself out worrying aboutrepparttar 151134 best solution for your own needs, your best advice is to simply check with your doctor and determine which solution will avoid problems with your lenses while maximizingrepparttar 151135 benefits you can get from new technologies. Just don't grabrepparttar 151136 same old bottle of "no-rub" solution anymore. Instead, arm yourself with a little knowledge, make your choices wisely, and you'll experience a greatly improved experience with your rigid gas permeable contact lenses.

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