Six Reasons Why Distance Learning Makes Sense

Written by Rose M.

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  • Pick up more marketable skills- The depth of distance learning courses has become impressive in recent years, thanks torepparttar Internet’s performance increasing in many parts ofrepparttar 147959 world – and most importantly – schools offering courses that deliver skills immediately marketable.

  • Start a new career - Distance learning is great for anyone looking to get into an entirely new field – one that they have been looking at for years, or one that has sparked their interest lately – in either case distance learning gives anyonerepparttar 147960 flexibility to take their careers in entirely new directions without stopping their lives inrepparttar 147961 process.

  • Connecting one-on-one with instructors - Learning on-line gives studentsrepparttar 147962 opportunity to interact with their instructors to a greater depth than is typically possible in larger, more traditional classroom settings.

    Bottom Line: Distance Learning is growing by 33% a year worldwide according to market estimates from International Data Corporation andrepparttar 147963 U.S. Department of Education. Universities worldwide are working to tailor their programs for this exciting new approach to learning. Chances are there are programs available today that will get you to your educational goals.

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  • How to Homeschool without Making Your Child An Outcast

    Written by Michael Nelson

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    Sports are important: Next to school, sports teams providerepparttar best environment for your child to form deep bonds with other kids. They spend a lot of time at practice and root for each other in games. Also, you’ll be meeting other parents while watching allrepparttar 147866 games. If your child has physical problems or would embarrass himself on a playing field, get them involved in activities like Boy/Girl Scouts or any other local organization for children.

    Let Pop Culture intorepparttar 147867 Home: Some homeschooling parents maintain strict control over what their child is allowed to listen to onrepparttar 147868 radio, watch on television, and what they do onrepparttar 147869 internet. While it is important to keep them away from dangerous situations, it is also important to let them be exposed torepparttar 147870 same influences as other children. Remember that your child is already facing an uphill battle to not be considered “weird.” Imagine how much worse it would be for them if they didn’t know any ofrepparttar 147871 hot bands, cool TV shows, or what clothes other kids wear? Without being exposed to mainstream culture, they will have little to talk about with other children and will have a hard time relating to others.

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