Six Keys to Hiring a Great Personal Injury Attorney

Written by Anthony Castelli

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Ifrepparttar attorney is not willing to advance expenses then you will be stuck advancing them yourself and you may not be in a position to do so. If that isrepparttar 119134 case then your case will have to be settled, likely cheaply.

Withrepparttar 119135 answers to these questions in hand you are ready to sit down inrepparttar 119136 attorney's office and decide, after meetingrepparttar 119137 attorney, if this is a person you can have confidence in to get you full and fair compensation for your injury.

Anthony Castelli focuses his practice in personal injury law, including car accidents, defective products and premises and construction accidents. He practices inrepparttar 119138 greater Cincinnati, Southwest Ohio region. For more information about Anthony Castelli or personal injury law go to

Anthony Castelli is an experienced cincinnati ohio accident and injury attorney

California – What happens when you get a DUI?

Written by H. Gillogly

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Ramification of Getting a California DUI

First off – getting a DUI will cost you money.

First offence: $390 - $1000 plus local fees, penalties and assessments for total of $1300 - $3500. This doesn’t include any lawyers fees –which can be from $500.00 to $15,000 depending on if you’re in a small town or large metro area. Generally speakingrepparttar more experiencedrepparttar 119133 lawyer (and you want an experienced lawyer)repparttar 119134 more it will cost.

There are social ramifications of getting a DUI as well. A charge of DUI/DWI can have serious ramifications on a defendant's driver's license, criminal record and ability to work and function in society. Some employers may decline in hiring someone because of a felony level DUI.

Ask yourself before getting behindrepparttar 119135 wheel after drinking if it’s really worth it. Based onrepparttar 119136 above –a cab ride home is downright cheap. Be safe –not sorry.

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