Six(6) Ways to Promotion Success!

Written by Clifton W. Bonney

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3. Free Links and FFA Pages Most people just submit to these, but you really need to consider owning one or two. Surely you have been torepparttar Free Links Pages where you submit your URL, and your webpage remains onrepparttar 125249 top, then scrolls off as others are added. The scroll-off time depends onrepparttar 125250 traffic atrepparttar 125251 particular webpage you submit to, usually 1-2 days...and yet sometimes 10 minutes. One of my FFA pages delivers me 400-600 emails every day- people waiting to receive my ad. Can you imagine how large my database has become, just from one service? 4. Free and paid Classifieds Placing Classified adds requires more than just submitting your URL. You need to be able to create a SHORT, but exciting description of your business/service. You only have a few seconds to GRAB your readers before they click away to someone else's ad. Classifieds do last longer than FFA's- sometimes as long as 3 months, and can be edited if your program changes. There are thousands of places to submit your classified ad... some free and some where you must pay. Always use a combination of both. Nothing works well by itself. is great and free! For paid Classifieds, here is a good example: 5.Replicating Websites These will work as long as you are willing to promote them.Place your ad, thenrepparttar 125252 entire page is duplicated. The company will send you a URL to promote, along with any other programs you are involved in. Your ad stays on top. 6. Offline Advertising You can not have a total promotion package without it. By offline, I definately DON'T mean sell your product or sevice to all your relatives and friends. Never a good thing to do! You can promote offline easily by purchasing inexpensive items to place on your vehicle, window, or anywhere. I have found two terrific tools that are inexpensive... Web-Decals- Place these in your car back window-advertise while driving: .cgi/100654 Id It Plates-Again for your car: ****************************** OK- followrepparttar 125253 examples above for a COMPLETE promotion package you can put together YOURSELF at a reasonable cost. All ofrepparttar 125254 above examples can be found at Click City... plus lots more:

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Site Promotion

Written by Byron Hunte

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5. Word of mouth I have told everybody I know what I am doing and there are rafts of redundancies occurring in my former industry. These are all bright people with a pocket full of money. They look at my site and like what they see - they tell their friends.

6. The press I refuse to pay for unfocused advertising which nobody looks at, even in specialist magazines. My advice would be to callrepparttar editors up and tell them that you are doing something that nobody else is doing (in their field) and that you have included a free link to their publication as an information service on your site. Would they be interested in doing a small write-up of your site for their next issue? If you can get them to do this, you will get much better traffic generated than a standard advert and for free! They won't always do this for you but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

7. Reciprocal links I offer a lot of links to other sites on my own pages and I have called them all personally to ask if they would include a link back to me. Normally webmasters are quite good at this and will try and accommodate you. This is especially advantageous ifrepparttar 125248 site you link to has high traffic. Information sources are amongstrepparttar 125249 best of these - find a high traffic site that covers your area of commerce and link to it/get reciprocal links.

8. Banners My experience tells me to forget it - when'srepparttar 125250 last time you clicked on one.

9. Be Discrete I belong to lots of e-mail lists and occasionally, someone asks for help on a topic that I think my website would be useful for. I don't send a whole sales pitch in to those lists but send in a very low key reply addressing their specific question and mentioning my URL as an additional resource. This has paid dividends and has not upset any ofrepparttar 125251 list members.

10. Write an article for an opt-in list such as this one! All publicity is good publicity and if you can help others by sharing your knowledge with them atrepparttar 125252 same time, allrepparttar 125253 better.

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