Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System – A Review

Written by Simian Systems

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Also new in Rex is “Facet” control. A facet is a field that is configured to be searchable inrepparttar Sitellite Application Framework and allows you to quickly perform compound search queries on large collections in seconds and with unparalleled simplicity. For example, say you want to search for products inrepparttar 145640 Sports section between $10 and $20 in price, with a status of "Archived". This would be a matter of just a few clicks. This can makerepparttar 145641 need for reporting also less important, since it can practically double as a reporting utility. Andrepparttar 145642 best part about it is,repparttar 145643 more contentrepparttar 145644 more useful you'll find this idea of facets. Finally, Rex boasts tight integration with Sitellite, includingrepparttar 145645 Scheduler, and SiteSearch, via simple INI-formatted configuration files.

Another new feature in Sitellite 4.2 isrepparttar 145646 ability to dynamically generate a series of objects and their relationships based onrepparttar 145647 saf.Database.Generic package and its capabilities. What this means is that you can perform dynamic object-relational mapping, including proper management ofrepparttar 145648 relationships between objects/tables, withrepparttar 145649 code generated automatically for you.

Generic makes it very easy to create applications quickly and with very little code. Plus, code based on Generic hasrepparttar 145650 following additional benefits:repparttar 145651 code is highly readable: Generic makes your code transparent and obvious in its purpose. It’s highly object-oriented: Generic makes MVC-structured applicationsrepparttar 145652 norm. The code is highly reusable: API's based on Generic all provide a standard set of methods, and being object-oriented and based on Sitellite, are easily reused anywhere in Sitellite or outside of it via SAF. All in all, Generic makesrepparttar 145653 already advanced Sitellite Framework truly revolutionary, and even more flexible.

In short, Sitellite 4.2 is a dream come true for managers, content writers, and developers alike. The Sitellite 4.2 Content Management System can handle any website - from small NPO projects to large corporate or governmental institutions, Sitellite 4.2 hasrepparttar 145654 ease-of-use, andrepparttar 145655 application interface for any project.

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No Customer Left Behind

Written by Jim Edwards

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I suggest starting out withrepparttar hosted version until you getrepparttar 145407 hang ofrepparttar 145408 system, then switch over to a version on your own server to avoidrepparttar 145409 monthly charges.

An online help desk operates fairly simply.

A customer submits a ticket through a form on your website,repparttar 145410 customer support staff (even if it's a staff of one) responds torepparttar 145411 ticket throughrepparttar 145412 website, and all communication gets posted on a private web page.

Both Kayako and Perldesk enable customers to search a "knowledgebase" or collection of articles to try solving their problems on their own (especially during non-business hours), thus frequently eliminatingrepparttar 145413 need to get a live response.

Anyone who does business online should consider installing a help desk solution fromrepparttar 145414 start rather than putting it off untilrepparttar 145415 future.

Get your customers conditioned to operating with a ticket system rather than switching on them in mid-stream once your business gets too busy to handle support via email.

Here are a couple of other tips to help you.

Designate one person to act asrepparttar 145416 "sorter" answeringrepparttar 145417 basic issues, then referring offrepparttar 145418 ones they can't answer to other staff members.

Also, post your help desk hours and stick to them.

Answer questionsrepparttar 145419 same day if possible, but no later thanrepparttar 145420 next business day.

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Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the creator of an amazing course that will teach you step-by- step and click-by-click how to finally create your own money-making mini-sites...

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