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Written by Joelene Wickens Orlando

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Top search engines have their own standards. Like I previously stated, you need to be familiar with each and every one ofrepparttar search engines you plan to submit to. Each and every search engine will be different, so be prepared to submit each website differently. To get started, you probably can find that particular search engine’s home page to getrepparttar 127935 information you need to submit your site. Look for labels such as, “Suggest a URL” or “Add my site”. Keep record ofrepparttar 127936 date, time and outcome of each of your submissions so you can keep track of where and when you didrepparttar 127937 submissions. Keep this information on standby at all times since you may need to have this data to send follow-up emails to a search engine’s staff. The next question is; where should I submit my website? If you want to get noticed and successfully generate traffic to your site, you should plan on implementing your website to a minimum of 15 major top search engines. Since those top search engines are responsible for about 90% ofrepparttar 127938 traffic, so go with those specific search engines.

How long before I see my website inrepparttar 127939 search engines?

That all depends on which search engines you submit to. To give you a very general idea on how long it takes to get submitted, here are some time frames fromrepparttar 127940 top search engines

MSN -- 2 Months Google -- Up to 4 Weeks Alta Vista -- Up to 1 Week Fast -- Up to 2 Weeks Excite -- Up to 6 Weeks AOL -- Up to 2 Months HotBot -- Up to 2 Months iWon -- Up to 2 Months

The basics of site submission have been addressed andrepparttar 127941 major research needs to be done by you depending on which search engines you decide to go with. Don’t miss any steps and if you have any questions, take advantage of using customer service to get those right answers before you submit your website to those search engines. If you don’t do it rightrepparttar 127942 first time around, it won’t get submitted. Use that time preciously to make sure you have all your bases covered. Hopefully your rankings will show improvement this time around.

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"How To Write Effective And Unique Articles That Are Optimized for the Search Engines"

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When choosing keywords that will berepparttar central theme of your article, it is necessary to define what your article will be about, whorepparttar 127934 information inrepparttar 127935 article will benefit, and how it will tie into your USP before choosing your keywords. After you've thought through this, then come up with a list of keywords that will be suitable asrepparttar 127936 central them ofrepparttar 127937 article.

Next, decide which keywords you will center your article around based onrepparttar 127938 number of searches that keyword gets per day and by assessing how much competition there is for that keyword phrase. Once you have chosen your keyword phrase forrepparttar 127939 article, name your page.

Example: If 'green widgets' isrepparttar 127940 keyword you wish to base your article on, you may want to name your web page 'greenwdgets.htm' or 'greenwdgets.html' or 'greenwdgets.shtml'.

Article optimization tactic 2: Utilize keyword inrepparttar 127941 title tag.

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