Site Rings and Reciprocal Links

Written by Dale Sexton

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If you join a site ring, this is easy. If yourrepparttar site ring owner, it could be some work. The pay off for beingrepparttar 125101 site ring owner is that anyone joining will see your ads onrepparttar 125102 members pages and your update emails (not to mention your links on all those pages). I restrict my additions and mailings to once a week. Use what works for you.

Join one

Or build one. bfmid=37908869&siteid=39323847&bfpage=home

In no time you can have a large list and reciprocal links group. Like all things you have to work it. Even free is not free.

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The Backbone of All Internet Promotion

Written by Joe Bingham

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Still how many more people are likely to read an ad in a content rich ezine with articles specifically written to help them as opposed to an ad posted next to 2000 other ads, or a web site that 'pops up' as an extra to a site they just decided they wanted no more to do with and left?

No, I'm not trying to say ezines arerepparttar only way to promote. Other means of promotion can be worthwhile. My point here is that eventually, and in some way, everything else always comes back to ezines.

Look at it this way, ezines arerepparttar 125100 backbone of Internet promotion and other methods are ribs. Yes, we need our ribs, but what good would they be without a backbone, and if you had to give one of them up, which would you choose? A rib or two would be a small sacrifice in order to keep your backbone, wouldn't it?

Using this logic, it only makes sense to have your ezine as well. Every other method you use to get visitors to your site instantly becomes more effective when those visitors subscribe torepparttar 125101 free ezine you offer. This gives yourepparttar 125102 opportunity for repeat contact. Now seriously, would you rather have just one chance at getting a sale from your site's visitors, or would you rather stay in touch and keep your product or opportunity in their mind indefinitely?

Sure, use other methods, but coordinate them around your ezine and you'll achieve better long term results.

Everything eventually comes through my ezine. I hear about new opportunities as I receive ads for them. I get offers from others to promote for them, and quite often receive what it is they are promoting for free just for my honest review. I then pick and choose which ones I want to promote based onrepparttar 125103 item's usefulness.

Ezines arerepparttar 125104 backbone of Internet promotion. I honestly believe this and welcome anyone who thinks otherwise to contact me and give me their opinion.

Joe Bingham, Editor NetPlay Newsletters Want to start your own ezine? Afraid you don't have time, know how, or writing skills? Discover the NetPlay Publisher Program. Problem Solved. You CAN publish your own ezine -- See how!

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