Site Content: Create it Fast or Create it Well?

Written by Sid John

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3. Keep excellent notes

I always jot down notes in my favorite notebook or in a word document. Over time I will build up a long list of topics that I want to explore. When you run out of ideas, just pick a few and start writing.

4. Go over old topics

Repetition isrepparttar master of skill. Look through your blog archives or go through your old articles. Find a topic or a posting that you an update and use that asrepparttar 148109 basis for a new article.

5. Get inspired

Good writers are good readers. Take some time away from your website and go read a few blogs, some information from your competitors or evenrepparttar 148110 news headlines. As you start taking in allrepparttar 148111 information you will come up with other ideas for more content for your website.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 148112 tips that I use when I start having writer’ block.

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osCommerce – What is it and its benefits ?

Written by Teeyes Siva

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-osCommerce would be hard to compete with even if it cost as much asrepparttar most expensive commercial shopping carts. -There are a large number of available add-on modules and many more in development A Quick look atrepparttar 148064 Bad points : -Technical support is limited torepparttar 148065 osCommerce forums, which are not that much helpful to newbies. -customizing this store can take a bit more technical knowledge. -osCommerce is one ofrepparttar 148066 most full featured and configurable shopping carts available, but if you aren't comfortable with modifying files you may want to hire someone to set this up for you. -Installing of multiple additional modules takes your manhours. -It may be a while before an update is available to a payment module. These are done by unpaid enthusiasts. Note before you choose your Hosting for osCommerce : Any web host that includes MySql should also satisfyrepparttar 148067 requirments for osCommerce installation. So, you can easily get started with osCommerce. You will definitely get stuck with few things inrepparttar 148068 beginning. But if you browse thro’repparttar 148069 forums orrepparttar 148070 knowledgebase, you haverepparttar 148071 solution. You can Write to me :

Happy Shopping !

Teeyes Siva is a Consultant at osCommerceindia (, a Company offering osCommerce Related Services. He can be reached @ or 00 91 93441 05858.

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