Sirius Radio - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Written by Nick Smith

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Because ofrepparttar different technology each company utilizes, receivers are not compatible with every company. For example, if you subscribed to XM but then wanted to switch to Sirius radio, you would need to get a new receiver that was compatible with Sirius. Some satellite television companies include satellite radio service in their channel packages, and you can receiverepparttar 133369 transmission through your television satellite dish.

How Does Satellite Radio Work?

This isrepparttar 133370 cool part. The music, talk show, sporting event, etc., are recorded digitally in a studio, after whichrepparttar 133371 message is encoded. The encoded signal is sent torepparttar 133372 satellites from ground stations (Sirius radio based in New York; XM based out of D.C.). The satellites then relayrepparttar 133373 signal to receivers in your car or at home. The receivers contain chipsets that decoderepparttar 133374 signal and play it through you stereo. In urban areas where taller buildings might blockrepparttar 133375 signal fromrepparttar 133376 satellites, ground repeaters or transmitters are used to resendrepparttar 133377 signal, eliminating pockets of dead space.

XM uses two satellites to coverrepparttar 133378 continental United States with their signal. Sirius radio uses three satellites to form a satellite constellation. The way they are set in orbit ensures that each satellite spends about 16 hours at a time coveringrepparttar 133379 U.S. and that there is always at least one satellite overrepparttar 133380 U.S. at any given time. WorldSpace satellites beam three signals each to increaserepparttar 133381 amount of territory they are able to cover with their three satellites. All three companies have reserve satellites ready to launch in case one of their satellites stops working.

Satellite radio technology looks like itís here to stay. It is ideal for those that live in areas where normal radio reception is poor, or for those willing to pay a little each month to not have to listen to commercials. Chances are good that soon every new car you buy will have satellite radio installed, and that more and more homes will be equipped for it. I have only coveredrepparttar 133382 basics. It is definitely worth your time to find out more about what each company has to offer.

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Pros and Cons of Using FREE Software in Your Business

Written by Cavyl Stewart

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However inrepparttar case of most windows-based free software, (except forrepparttar 133368 good-hearted programmers mentioned above), there most often is an ulterior motive for giving software away for free.

Some free software packages have advertising engines which rotate banner or text ads while you are usingrepparttar 133369 program and, while some of them are quite forthright and honest about this, others deliver their advertising bomb through Trojan horse back doors which sneak onto your computer without your knowledge. In most cases, this simply results in unwanted advertising that you have no idea where it came from, but in other cases you could very well end up with software thatís designed to steal your passwords, financial info or worse.

Some ofrepparttar 133370 more popular free software for your business, including Open Office which, unbelievable as it may seem, is an almost complete free replacement forrepparttar 133371 MS-Office package, including a spread sheet and a word processor, has no strings attached. Itís just free., a web-based customer relationship management program, offers absolutely free fully-enabled accounts for small businesses. Larger businesses, with multiple employees requiring access torepparttar 133372 system, pay just a nominal fee.

So to sum this up -- hereís some free advice. If you are thinking about using a free software program for your small business, fire up your Internet, go to Google and look uprepparttar 133373 name ofrepparttar 133374 free software. You will find everything you need to know, bothrepparttar 133375 good points as well asrepparttar 133376 bad points, about that particular package. Then decide whether itís right for your needs.

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