Sir Francis Drake

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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As evidence of a cover-up, Bawlf draws on his knowledge as a geographer to analyze a couple of contemporary maps and accounts of Drake's voyage which really do bear an uncanny resemblance torepparttar coast ofrepparttar 144077 Pacific Northwest and Vancouver Island - onlyrepparttar 144078 geography is placed at 10 degrees of latitude further south... and with a gag-order amounting to a 16th-century version ofrepparttar 144079 Official Secrets Act.

Whyrepparttar 144080 cover-up? Well, for one thing, this was a time when maps were as jealously guarded as atom-bomb secrets inrepparttar 144081 last century and hi-tech innovations in this... For another, England was in a cold war withrepparttar 144082 Catholic powers (chiefly Spain). Asrepparttar 144083 premier Protestant power, England was providing military aid to Dutch Calvinist insurgents against their Spanish overlords, and destabilizingrepparttar 144084 realm of France with financial aid torepparttar 144085 Huguenots (more Calvinists)...

{But these so-called Calvinists were headed by Hibernian Troubadour types likerepparttar 144086 Cathars. I have also found them involved in Illuminati escapades withrepparttar 144087 likes of Goethe and Carlyle. Goethe and William of Hesse or Mayer Rothschild foundedrepparttar 144088 Weishaupt Illuminati along with a few others I have dealt with.}

In 1954, an Alaskan prospector found a metal plate inscribed in Latin, naming Drake and claimingrepparttar 144089 land for Queen Elizabeth." (27)

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Escape to the Old City: St. Augustine, Florida

Written by Nicole Brownfield

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§Colonial Spanish Quarter, a living museum where costumed interpreters relive a time when St. Augustine was a remote outpost inrepparttar Spanish Empire, will interest both young and old. Visitors experience how families lived, how they grew and cooked their food, and how they tended their livestock in 1740 St. Augustine. §The St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum, built in 1874 and still in use byrepparttar 143974 U.S. Coast Guard, preservesrepparttar 143975 history ofrepparttar 143976 St. Augustine Light Station and its associated maritime, coastal, and social history. Those daring to climbrepparttar 143977 219 steps torepparttar 143978 top ofrepparttar 143979 lighthouse are rewarded was a spectacular 360-degree view of downtown St. Augustine andrepparttar 143980 beach areas. §The Fountain of Youth, where Ponce de Leon used stone markers to draw out a cross whose center marked what he believed to be its exact location. The spring still flows and, whether seeking relief fromrepparttar 143981 Florida heat orrepparttar 143982 secret to eternal youth, visitors are invited to sample to cool waters. The grounds also include a village that was home torepparttar 143983 Timucua Indians for more than 1500 years, a planetarium where visitors journey throughrepparttar 143984 night sky, and pathways that visitors can stroll idly while examiningrepparttar 143985 native plants and historical artifacts alongrepparttar 143986 way.

In addition torepparttar 143987 charming waterfront reflectingrepparttar 143988 glories of Imperial Spain, St. Augustine has something for every member of your family. Children will enjoyrepparttar 143989 St. Augustine Alligator Farm,repparttar 143990 only place inrepparttar 143991 world where 23 species of crocodile can be observed. Historic tours ofrepparttar 143992 Old City are available in a myriad of forms. Visitors can choose to watchrepparttar 143993 world go by from a helicopter, open trolley, or horse-drawn carriage. If you’re looking for something unique, those with an interest inrepparttar 143994 paranormal can even take a ghost tour ofrepparttar 143995 city’s historic attractions and cemeteries in an authentic hearse. For help in planning a vacation torepparttar 143996 St. Augustine area, contactrepparttar 143997 St. Augustine Visitors and Convention Bureau at (800) 653-2489 or visit them onrepparttar 143998 web at

A Southern writer in her twenties, Nicole Brownfield enjoys writing about home, career, leisure, and travel.

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