Sins of The Internet: Para-Site

Written by Richard Lowe

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I was shocked. Of course, I had heard of this phenomenon before, but i had never seen it so blatant. The guy even claimedrepparttar pages as his own work! as far as his visitors could tell, he had done it all without help from anyone. Yet he was using other people's bandwidth, he was "stealing" their pages and he was, well, obviously without any kind of ethics.

Needless to say, I didn't give himrepparttar 131925 award. I also zipped off an email torepparttar 131926 webmasters whose sites had been "borrowed" so that they could rationally decide what needed to be done.

Linking to another site is perfectly legal, completely ethical and should be done without any considerations of any kind. The web is all about linking - referencing other material at will. The best thing you can do is link, link and link some more. To any and every WEB PAGE that you find useful (never, ever link directly to graphics or other multimedia - only to web pages).

Onrepparttar 131927 other hand, para-siting (or framing, as it is commonly called) another person's site without permission is unethical. It confuses visitors to your site and it steals bandwidth. It's even worse to attempt to pretendrepparttar 131928 web site being framed is your own.

The moral ofrepparttar 131929 story - stay ethical onrepparttar 131930 internet.

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Real Life Internet Evil: Ezula

Written by Richard Lowe

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Here's an analogy. Suppose you were a webmaster and had a product to sell. You spend your good money creating a beautiful brochure which you are going to pass out atrepparttar local mall. The brochure includes some helpful content and some advertisements of your product. You are proud of it because you've put your heart and soul into it's creation and you expect to make a few sales as well.

Now as you walk aroundrepparttar 131924 mall handing out your brochure, some sleazy guy in a trench coat is following you around. Once in a while, as you giverepparttar 131925 brochure to someone, he steps in front of you, takesrepparttar 131926 brochure out of your hands, pulls out a pen and makes a few changes. He crosses out a few words, writes in some new advertisements (along with some "content" to make it seem legitimate), then hands it off torepparttar 131927 person you were giving it to. Worse yet, you don't see this happening and as far as you are concernedrepparttar 131928 end user received your brochure with your ads. Only it's been changed without your knowledge or permission.

You,repparttar 131929 webmaster, have no control over these links. They could be competitors. They could berepparttar 131930 links of pornographic sites (I couldn't find anything onrepparttar 131931 Ezula site which excluded such sites). They could be links to sites which you disagree with for ethical, moral, religious, racial or any number of other reasons. The point is you (the webmaster) have no control overrepparttar 131932 links from YOUR site. Torepparttar 131933 user, these appear to be YOUR links.

In fact, they will be sites of people and companies who are unethical and scummy enough themselves to sink to this level of advertising. They will berepparttar 131934 sites of any company which is willing to shell outrepparttar 131935 cash.

Want more information? Check outrepparttar 131936 following site forrepparttar 131937 whole story.

If you want to help stop this special brand of evil, then you can take some steps yourself. First, don't installrepparttar 131938 product on your computer systems. If you've already installedrepparttar 131939 thing, then immediately uninstall it.

Second, if you do have a problem with this form of scum, then by all means file a report withrepparttar 131940 better business bureau, write an article of your own, send tell your friends and spreadrepparttar 131941 word. You might also send an email torepparttar 131942 advertisers who purchase this "service" (if you installedrepparttar 131943 product you would find out who they are) and inform them of your distaste. Be sure and point out that you will not purchase their products as long as they advertise in this method. The mighty dollar speaks volumes.

Finally, if you are a webmaster, you can addrepparttar 131944 following graphic to your pages, along with a link to

Richard Lowe Jr. is the webmaster of Internet Tips And Secrets at - Visit our website any time to read over 1,000 complete FREE articles about how to improve your internet profits, enjoyment and knowledge.

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