Single pane Window glass repair in an aluminum frame

Written by John Rocco

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When You getrepparttar replacement glass home, lay it onrepparttar 100061 table with one long and one short side hanging overrepparttar 100062 edge. Putrepparttar 100063 rubber on those two overhanging edges. Put one half ofrepparttar 100064 frame (it doesn't matter which half) againstrepparttar 100065 glass and taprepparttar 100066 corner on first. Then taprepparttar 100067 long edge ontorepparttar 100068 rubber until it seats. Then dorepparttar 100069 short edge. Now, putrepparttar 100070 other two edges overrepparttar 100071 table and dorepparttar 100072 same procedure. Finally, installrepparttar 100073 screws inrepparttar 100074 corners. Putrepparttar 100075 panel back in and you're done.

Ifrepparttar 100076 broken pane isrepparttar 100077 stationary portion, there is a little extra work to getrepparttar 100078 panel out. You need to take outrepparttar 100079 slider first, then removerepparttar 100080 two screws holdingrepparttar 100081 center bar in place. Taprepparttar 100082 center bar away fromrepparttar 100083 panel until it is offrepparttar 100084 side ofrepparttar 100085 panel. Set it aside. Then taprepparttar 100086 frame edge to pull it out ofrepparttar 100087 channel attached torepparttar 100088 wall. Once it's away fromrepparttar 100089 side channel, you can lift it up and out like you did withrepparttar 100090 slider. You remove and installrepparttar 100091 glass inrepparttar 100092 frame just like you did withrepparttar 100093 slider, putrepparttar 100094 frame back inrepparttar 100095 opening, tap it intorepparttar 100096 side channel, installrepparttar 100097 center bar and screws, and installrepparttar 100098 sliding panel. That's it! You're done. If your window doesn't fit this description, fear not! I will be spendingrepparttar 100099 next several weeks trying to cover every conceivable window configuration. So, i will chat with you all next week. And GO USC TROJANS!!

John Rocco has been installing replacement windows since 1978. To learn more, visit How To Install Windows

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Written by emil

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