Simply Weight Loss -- Losing Weight is Easy if You Stop Dieting

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

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The big stinker involvesrepparttar whole idea that you can't create or destroy energy. It's constant. Since you can't simply destroy energy, you have no choice but to userepparttar 143256 extra energy (packed into calories) or store it.

So, how does this make dieting wrong? Dieting only works in theory. In theory, dieting, which is synonymous with calorie restriction, causes total body energy to decrease in hopes of creating an energy deficit.

To make up for this deficit,repparttar 143257 body will tap into energy stores to cover immediate needs. So, in theory, dieting causes weight loss.

Is this what occurs in dieters? Yes and no.

The Best Method for Using Stored Energy

Dieting, a.k.a. calorie restriction, slows downrepparttar 143258 resting metabolic rate, throwingrepparttar 143259 body into a state of energy conservation. This is not conducive of weight loss but instead is perfect for gaining weight.

Those dieters that do lose weight and keep it off, practice my concept of Slow & Low.

Now what? Exercise.

What isrepparttar 143260 best method for usingrepparttar 143261 extra energy we didn't use inrepparttar 143262 past? Exercise. Start an exercise program first, one that centers on muscle tone and strength, then use dieting on an as needed basis to lower total body energy.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System published perfect statistics. We should be using exercise as a sole weight loss method more often.

To Healthy Living!

Michael Smith, MD

Chief Medical Consultant

Diet Basics Website

Dr. Smith is the Chief Medical Consultant to Diet Basics, a content based cutting edge website dedicated to the online dieter. Dr. Smith coined the term "Diet ShockTM" and is about to release his new book on keeping weight off -- our real weight problem. Visit Dr. Smith at Diet Basics.

Gaining Weight -- Your Real Weight Problem

Written by Michael A. Smith, MD

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Thenrepparttar weight starts to creep back in andrepparttar 143255 scales begins a steady rise negating all your efforts a few weeks ago. But do you blamerepparttar 143256 diet? No. You blame yourself or your genetics forrepparttar 143257 weight re-gain now setting in. It's not your fault!

The diet you were on caused Diet ShockTM. Your body went into shock duringrepparttar 143258 diet and thought you were starving. So it set in motion a string of events that are causingrepparttar 143259 weight re-gain you're now experiencing.

The Weight Gain Solution

There are two things you must do when dieting...

Go Slow

First, go with a diet that doesn't push a lose weight fast program. Fast weight loss isrepparttar 143260 worst absolute thing you could do, if you want to prevent weight gain.

A basic rule of thumb is 2 pounds/week of weight loss is healthy weight loss.

Stay Low

Most dieters set their weight loss goals too high. Losing only 5-10% of your total weight produces significant health benefits.

Ease up on your goals for losing weight and you will have a better chance of keepingrepparttar 143261 weight off.

Dr. Smith is the Chief Medical Consultant for Diet Basics, a cutting edge, original content based website. Dr. Smith's speciality is Keeping Weight Off! Visit him at www.Diet

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