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Written by Holly Janion

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What I liked best about this site wasrepparttar easy was you could choose your products. This is important because you want to sell products in your store that you know your customers are interested in which relate to your site. For example, I typed in treasure hunting inrepparttar 109037 search box and it returned loads of products I could include from different sections e.g. books, toys, games, software etc etc. I then could choose whether to simply include them only or to draw special attention to any particular item. I could even include a personal review of a product!

Site traffic and usability is always important and Affinia provide various reports including detailed product page views, merchant referrals and of course commission earned. This is great because you can see which products are just taking up "shelf" space and remove them and replace them with other products all without ordering anything, carrying stock or spending money.

If you've been thinking about adding an on-line store to your site or want to find products that relate to your site only as I did withrepparttar 109038 WWW Treasure Hunt site, take a look at Affinia.

Affinia understandrepparttar 109039 importance of promoting your store and offer useful advice and tips on how to do this.

This is a first class service which I found easy to use and I know will be of enormous benefit torepparttar 109040 small business owner. I no longer have to worry about carrying stock, fulfilling orders and spending money. I have more time to focus on my core business whilst atrepparttar 109041 same time earning money from my store and I have happy customers who can easily find products that they are interested in. I only wish I had found Affinia sooner.

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Holly Janion is the Webmaster for Wade's World, a UK internet solutions company. Holly's latest creation, the WWW Treasure Hunt, can be found at Holly can be contacted by sending an e-mail to mailto:


Written by windsong

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If you have a good product of your own, you haverepparttar potential to make a lot of money. First off, you getrepparttar 109036 money fromrepparttar 109037 sale, not just a small commission. Secondly, you could have your own affiliate program and have others selling your product for you. However, in this method, you haverepparttar 109038 headache of runningrepparttar 109039 show, keepingrepparttar 109040 books, and allrepparttar 109041 various responsibilities that come with fame and riches.

There are numerous affiliate programs out there. You have to be careful, though. Only associate with those programs that meet your personal standards. The main advantage to selling someone else's product isrepparttar 109042 avoidance of responsibility and severe headaches. You just do some promoting, sell some products, get your monthly commission check, and do it all over again.

In making choices about what to do, one must consider what is right forrepparttar 109043 individual. This is why I never take seriously repparttar 109044 advise from "experts". Each of us is a very distinct and unique individual. We are NOT alike. Therefore, what works for one, will not necessarily work for another. We each have to find where we fit in and are comfortable and then run with it.

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