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Written by Shaun McIntosh

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This KEI analasys has two purposes.

One, it helps you target your niche. Your "niche" is a small but potentially profitable corner ofrepparttar market that you can DOMINATE if you play your cards right.

For example, you might search for "golf". One ofrepparttar 117073 terms you get back that hasrepparttar 117074 highest count ANDrepparttar 117075 highest KEI (note that most words with high KEI have very low search counts. Remember, no one's using them for a reason. But there are a few gems in there.) might be "golf bags" (guessing). You might then want to target your marketing efforts on "golf bags." Give links for golf bag and golf bag accessories. Tips on taking care of your golf bag. An ebook on how to design your own golf bag. I don't know, I don't even play golf! Butrepparttar 117076 point is you have just targeted your niche.

The second reason is because it helps you pick outrepparttar 117077 name of your future website. You will be ranked much higher inrepparttar 117078 search engines if your keywords are a part of your title and/or your description. Plus use as many of these high count, high KEI words as you can in your links, articles, as alt text for your pictures, etc. The search engines will love you for it.

So,repparttar 117079 name for our ficticious site might be "The Golf Bag" or "Golf Bag's R'" or "The Golf Bag". Whatever. I don't even play golf!

I suppose a real life example would be a website of mine. When I was doing marketing research for my next site I noticed thatrepparttar 117080 keywords withrepparttar 117081 highest count andrepparttar 117082 highest KEI (withinrepparttar 117083 field of internet marketing) were "work at home" and "work from home". Therefore I named my new site

Also, whenrepparttar 117084 keywords are inrepparttar 117085 title they stand out in bold. When they stand out in boldrepparttar 117086 surfer will think thatrepparttar 117087 site is more relevant (which it may or may not be) and visit.

One thing that I think I have to warn you against is word stuffing. "Word stuffing" is when you pack your site with keywords at every possible turn. Some people have paragraphs with just nonsense. Inane babble filled with their keywords. Like this for example:

"When you download Brittany Spears .Mpg .Avi .MP3 be sure to upgrade torepparttar 117088 FREE trial verson ofrepparttar 117089 Paris Parus Hilton Haltun Video. Make money by becoming an affiliate with KISS and Pamela Anderson's golf bag..."

And on, and on.

I'm sure you've seen this. People do it allrepparttar 117090 time to increase their ranking inrepparttar 117091 search engines.

There are many forms of word stuffing. Another form of stuffing is having a back ground that is all one color (say white, for example). You then take as many keywords as you can think of and have them atrepparttar 117092 bottom ofrepparttar 117093 page or inrepparttar 117094 margins and have themrepparttar 117095 same color asrepparttar 117096 background. The effect is that people never seerepparttar 117097 keywords, butrepparttar 117098 search programs (bots, spiders, etc.) do. And they rank (or ranked) you accordingly.

I say "ranked" because these forms of word stuffing DON'T WORK ANYMORE! In fact they can get you penalised with a lower listing or even have you booted out ofrepparttar 117099 search engines database all together.

But there are two simple things you can consider to avoid these problems.

1) Keep it relevant and 2) Keep it timely.

If you want to add alt text to a picture of a golf bag, for example, just title it "golf_bag.txt". If you want to use your keyword with your description or articles just use it wherever and whenever it's appropriate. You'll come out ahead inrepparttar 117100 end.

Anyway, we went on a bit of a tangent there but we're back.

Next all you have to do is get a product to sell. That's not too difficult. You can join an affiliate program. You can start your own newsletter. You can write an ebook or a course (downloadable products do well onrepparttar 117101 internet.) There are many "businesses in a box" you could try. These are usually free and offer some products that are already selling like hot cakes onrepparttar 117102 net.

It's up to you.

Anyway, I went on for a lot longer than I thought I would. I hope I didn't bore you.

It's really not that difficult. The hardest part is just sitting down and doing it.

Keep in touch and visit It has more resources for you to consider there.

To your health, Shaun


When you do get your own site/newsletter/whatever create a sig file and attach it to ALL of your email and forum postings. It's free advertising.


I really don't play golf.

After receiving his diploma in Business Administration (marketing major) Shaun immediately turned his focus to the internet. He combines humor and marketing knowlege (plus his own fumbling experience) in his articles, which are always informative and entertaining.

10 Things You Will Like About A Home Based Business

Written by BB Lee

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6. Dress Codes No more confining business suits, uniforms, or conforming to a stiff dress code. If you handle all your business over a computer orrepparttar telephone Dress The Way You Like!

7. Spend More Time With Your Family This is a great opportunity to getrepparttar 117072 family involved in your business. And spend more quality time together.

8. Use A Skill You've Never Had The Opportunity To Use You have ample opportunity to use your marketing skills, managing skills, accounting skills, people skills, sales skills, computer skills, and many other task you've been itching to try.

9. Realize Your Business Goals You've taken that first difficult step toward personal and business success. By Striking out on your own and starting a home based business.

10. Boost Self Esteem You now have more control over your financial and personal future. This will lead to a boost in your self esteem on many levels.

These are only a few ofrepparttar 117073 things you will like about owning a home based business. Once you've started your own business you will add many more torepparttar 117074 list!

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BB Lee is the editor of SmallBizBits.

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