Simple ideas on link exchange that could mean millions for your online business.

Written by Anti Spam League

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The more you increaserepparttar link popularity of your web site,repparttar 119347 prospect of staying at higher search engine position for a longer period of time becomes more likely. Your web site will be listed in repparttar 119348 search engine results if a keyword or phrase related to your web site theme is submitted.

Cost-effective Promotion

If you want to promote your web site on a limited budget, link exchange isrepparttar 119349 best option. Link exchange can save a lot of money that you otherwise would have spent on other means of on and offline advertising.

Link exchange is a very effective and inexpensive approach of gaining popularity and prosperity onrepparttar 119350 web. It represents an incremental step inrepparttar 119351 formation of a lasting web presence for your business, allowing you to build an infrastructure to generate ongoing traffic at a low cost. As more of your competitors enterrepparttar 119352 market onrepparttar 119353 internet increasingrepparttar 119354 cost for ad space, this process becomes an increasingly important part ofrepparttar 119355 business model for acquiring customers overrepparttar 119356 internet.

Responsible Marketing

In todayís ultra competitive world of online marketing, it is increasing harder to reach your target audience at a relative low cost, while staying withinrepparttar 119357 guidelines ofrepparttar 119358 present laws. This is why organizations such asrepparttar 119359 Anti Spam League promote responsible ways of marketing like link exchange. The Anti Spam League has been created to fight abuse onrepparttar 119360 internet, but also to educate website owners onrepparttar 119361 responsible aspects of online marketing. To learn more visit

The purpose of the Anti SPAM League is to help consumers and business owners reduce the amount of SPAM they receive. In addition, our Anti SPAM organization believes that educating site owners in the area of SPAM prevention and ways to successfully and responsibly market their sites, is key in making a difference.

5 Reasons Why Link Swapping Is Killing Your Website

Written by Michael Cheney

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Reason No. 3 - You Are Spending More Time On Other People's Websites Than Your Own

If you spend a lot of your time researching and creating reciprocal links you'd better make sure that your website is perfect. Remember - all that time you're spending developing reciprocal links could be spent adding new content to your website, sending out an up to date newsletter to your mailing list or even sitting down and writing out goals for your website.

If you spend allrepparttar time on improving your website, adding great content, providing excellent service, keeping it up to date, testing different headlines and homepage layouts INSTEAD of spendingrepparttar 119346 time building links guess what? You will magically find that more people link to you anyway!

In fact - your website will become such a great resource because of allrepparttar 119347 time you're dedicating to it that people will go OUT OF THEIR WAY to link to you! How ironic is that?!

You go hunting for links and your site suffers and therefore hardly anybody links to you. You spend time on making your website THE BEST IT CAN BE and everyone starts linking to you as, shock horror, you have a brilliant website that is worth referring to..

Reason No. 4 - You Don't Have A Multi-Million Dollar Budget To Beat The Boffins

Those white-cloaked geeks over at Google towers andrepparttar 119348 like have millions of dollars at their disposal to createrepparttar 119349 latest technology that can sniff outrepparttar 119350 merest whiff of dodginess when it comes to link swapping.

If they think something is suspect you might get penalised. First you started to see sites that usedrepparttar 119351 same phrase for their inbound links get penalised. Then it was sites that engaged with link farms. Who knows what's next?

Ultimately you can bet your bottom dollar thatrepparttar 119352 search engines will change their tack with reciprocal links and their importance - some of them are already starting to look atrepparttar 119353 words that appear before and after each link to make sure it is on a relevant page and not just created as part of a reciprocal linking deal.

It's a risky game we're all playing and my money's onrepparttar 119354 guys withrepparttar 119355 white coats and millions of dollars..

Reason No. 5 - You Are The Weakest Link, Goodbye!

When push comes to shove this whole 'game' of website marketing is about balance.

Imagine you are a tightrope walker. Fifty metres beneath you is a huge vat of boiling hot lava. To help you acrossrepparttar 119356 rope fromrepparttar 119357 podium of "website launch" torepparttar 119358 podium of "website success" you get a balancing rod.

Spending too much time and effort on reciprocal link building is like having a large sack on one end ofrepparttar 119359 rod. This sack has an elephant in it. The elephant is wearing boots. Made from concrete. Getrepparttar 119360 picture?

Michael Cheney Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM

Michael Cheney is the Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM:

"High five Michael! Your bible is superb! The world needs to read it and learn from it." - Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of "Guerrilla Marketing"

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