Simple Writing For Super Sales

Written by Grady Smith

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A headline is to introduce them torepparttar first paragraph. The first paragraph leads them intorepparttar 129697 second. This continues throughout your sales letter. If one paragraph doesn’t lead to next by straying formrepparttar 129698 subject, then you’ve just lost a customer.


Write like you speak. Keep your tone simple and conversational. Envision yourself sitting across from a friend explaining your product to them. I use this technique for everything I write, and believe me it works.

A personal, me to you sales letter isrepparttar 129699 secret to good copy. Your words are your salesperson, so they need to be human and show that everything you’re saying is directed right atrepparttar 129700 reader.


People get really overwhelmed looking at a cluttered page of copy that seems to run on forever.

Put them at ease. Let them take in your sales letter in small gulps by breaking it up into easy to chew bites.

Keep your paragraphs short and tightly focused. Throw a few one-sentence paragraphs intorepparttar 129701 mix to create a clean, orderly, reader friendly page.

The best sales letter can be understood with no thought needed byrepparttar 129702 reader. They shouldn’t have to research your terminology or whip out a dictionary to understand your offer.

Remember keep it simple. Your bank account and visitors will thank you for it.

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How Tough is It?

Written by Mike Smith

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enjoy my articles and E-Books, you wouldn't be reading this, right? One thing I do encourage is to borrow ideas from other people. Don't steal them, that is plagiarism, but take ideas from them. Whatrepparttar Internet needs is good Writin' that folks will enjoy and benefit from. I don't have a lot of time for reading and if you don't make it interesting, enjoyable and fun, I won't bother putting my time into reading it. Wonderful thing,repparttar 129694 delete key. I don't even have to go out inrepparttar 129695 snow (dirty 4 letter word) to get rid of allrepparttar 129696 junk paper. When I wrote "E-Booksrepparttar 129697 Easy Guide" one ofrepparttar 129698 key things I did was to make sure folks would enjoyrepparttar 129699 time they put into reading it. I followrepparttar 129700 same rule with all of my Writin'. Maybe this is why so many of my article submissions get accepted by other Ezines. OK, I needed to give myself a little pat onrepparttar 129701 back :-) You probably wear a lot of hats just like me. Running your E-Business, marketing, advertising, building websites or what ever your business is. Gail and I run 4 sites, 3 Ezines and have do much of that for others. Still in all,repparttar 129702 best communication we have with folks like you is our Writin'. We write, you read, we make a friend and a new client. It just can't get any better than that. WE know because of allrepparttar 129703 replies we get from you folks telling us how we are doing. So with all of this in mind, download my E-Books, read my articles, borrow my ideas, have fun Writin' and most of all, when you can, go Fishin'. Here is a little gift for you. I have a fun little E-Book called "Funny Fishin' Stuff". I guarantee you will get some laughs from it and maybe even some great ideas of your own. best of all, it is Free. You can download it here.

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