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Written by Ratliff J

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Our Network: We may focus on making web hosting simple for our clients, butrepparttar technology behindrepparttar 134943 scenes is definately not simple. Our network is maintained by redundant OC-3/OC12 backbones and state ofrepparttar 134944 art equipment. Our servers runrepparttar 134945 Unix/Linux operating system for unsurpassed performance and reliability. All of our equipment is kept in our data network facility and monitored by our advanced alert system. We are notified of problems within seconds and are able to respond immediately to take corrective actions. As a result, we are able to provide a 99.9% uptime.

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Personal Web Hosting – Free Or Cheap?

Written by Calin Indre

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A personal web site could be very useful asset in promoting your professional image to potential or actual employers and business contacts. Regardless we are consideringrepparttar URL or e-mail address, what would an employer for example think when handed a business card with an e-mail address like Would you feel comfortable going to a job interview and leaving your resume referring to your online portfolio available at All your effort and skill displayed by your web content would be almost surely hurt by as little as your URL. Not fair, but likely.

A part ofrepparttar 134861 image of successful professionals nowadays is a good personal website. It is well known that success generates success.

The look of a personal URL and e-mail such us or would definitely benefit to your image as a professional. As you were diligent enough to have a personal website,repparttar 134862 matter of trusting it to a free web host or investing an additional and usual small amount of money might berepparttar 134863 difference of being associated with a success story of your career or withrepparttar 134864 cliché of a quite all right fellow that is barely struggling and would make compromises even when it comes to its image.

Any problems withrepparttar 134865 web host, possible downtime, and narrow bandwidth will chase your visitors away and will be associated to your web site.

Onrepparttar 134866 other hand, if your are just stating your experience withrepparttar 134867 World Wide Web, or if your are setting up a web site with only close friends and relatives as intended audience, a free web host might just do it for you. These are just a few ofrepparttar 134868 examples of having a good reason to publish your web site on a free hosting provider.

Free web hosts helped thousands of people to familiarize themselves withrepparttar 134869 Internet experience, as first cradles for their web presence. This is one ofrepparttar 134870 reasons free web hosts have contributed torepparttar 134871 overall popularity ofrepparttar 134872 Internet. As comfortable as cradles are, you can’t spend your whole life inrepparttar 134873 cradle!

So, if you are planning to have a web site to represent you online and you want to be taken seriously, to actually enhance your personal image, make right. Make your web site a living proof of your thoroughness and start with your URL.

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