Simple Way To Become An Information Entrepreneur

Written by Jeff Smith

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Fiction authors take months (sometimes years) and a gazillion rewrites to work this into a format that is even close to being readable. Even then, less than 5% ever get their work looked at by a publisher.

Instead, writing in response to what your market wants to know is a task ANYONE can accomplish.

You do it everyday!

An interesting exercise to follow is to actually make note of how many questions you get asked and provide answers for in one day. I'm betting it is at least 10 - and if you have kids, a wife and a job - you are more likely inrepparttar range of 30-40.

Answer 30-40 questions on a given topic will give you close to half a book.

Answering a typical question in written form takes 2/3-1 page - answer 40 questions and you have close to half an 80-page book.

Your job is to...

Organize Your Market's Questions Into A Logical Set Of Answers

Did you seerepparttar 145540 word writing in that description?

No, because writing is simply a method of communication.

What you will sell are organized answers to your market's most pressing concerns, challenges and desires.

You could answer them verbally in audio products, through a tool in software, throughrepparttar 145541 written word in written products, or through visual descriptions using video.

If your obstacle to turning your ideas into hot selling products is writing - then forget writing - become an information organizer.

What a great career description - "Information Organizer". Isn't that a lot less scary than "author"?

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Comprehensive Marketing Details Not Found In Beginner Books

Written by Joy Gendusa

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Not only doesrepparttar full color aspect of postcards attract more attention than all ofrepparttar 145539 envelopes in any given dayís stack of mail, but it will allow you to get your message across while recipients are makingrepparttar 145540 decision of what to read and what to throw away.

Letís use this example:

You are sitting onrepparttar 145541 subway andrepparttar 145542 guy next to you leans over and says "I have something I would like to sell you and itís under my trench coat, are you interested?" So as any sane person would do, you move torepparttar 145543 furthest seat from him so not to be bothered.

As you now sit inrepparttar 145544 farthest seat fromrepparttar 145545 untrustworthy freak inrepparttar 145546 trench coat you are approached by a smiling little Girl Scout who holds out a box of cookies and says "Would you like to buy a box of cookies? Everyone lovesrepparttar 145547 Thin-Mints!" So this time you pull out your wallet and plunk downrepparttar 145548 $3 for a box of delicious cholesterol and sugar.

Seerepparttar 145549 difference? Donít hide your message behind a trench coat. For all we knowrepparttar 145550 "untrustworthy freak", as I have affectionately named him, could have had a box of Thin-Mints under there.

We may never know, and neither will your customers if you donít stop stuffing your promo into bland looking envelopes.

Now, makerepparttar 145551 final step easy and take outrepparttar 145552 hassle of direct mail.

Itís one thing to get postcards designed and printed. Itís another to get them intorepparttar 145553 hands ofrepparttar 145554 recipients rapidly, efficiently, as inexpensively as possible and without too much hassle. You haverepparttar 145555 choice of doing it yourself in house or getting someone to do it for you.

The apparent advantage of doing it yourself is that you donít pay someone else what they charge to do it for you. The disadvantage of doing it yourself is that itís going to cost you more inrepparttar 145556 long run.


Normally your postage for a 4.25 x 6" postcard is 23Ę. Direct mail companies can lease special software fromrepparttar 145557 USPS which readsrepparttar 145558 addresses and barcodes them. The post office gives a significant discount for bar-coded mail. Updating this software often (every three months) ensures thatrepparttar 145559 addresses you are mailing to are good. Ifrepparttar 145560 person is no longer at that address then itís a waste of your money to mail to them.

Because ofrepparttar 145561 high tech equipment and software direct mail companies use, you can sometimes save as much as .04 cents per card. And you donít have allrepparttar 145562 hassle of gettingrepparttar 145563 mailing out yourself.

I call it a no-brainer: a technical term for saving money and hassle by getting someone else to do your mailing for you. If you have been doing itrepparttar 145564 hard way, switch over to a direct mail marketing company. I am sure they will be glad to help you save money, time and trouble.

Joy Gendusa founded PostcardMania in 1998; her only assets a computer and a phone. By 2004 the company did $9 million in sales and employed over 60 persons. She attributes her explosive growth to her ability to choose incredible staff and her innate marketing savvy. Visit

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