Simple Tips For Getting Your Loan

Written by T. O' Donnell

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If your spending is out of control, don't put your home at risk by getting a home equity credit line to pay off your credit-card debts.

Shop for rates whenrepparttar market is calm. Rates change from day to day, so compare lenders. The quotes you get should all be fromrepparttar 135913 same time period.

Submit a neat application form; it shows you're business-like and efficient. It will be read and assessed by a human being; appearances count.

Only pay up-front fees to well-known institutions, or ones highly recommended by trusted sources.

Don't sign documents without reading them. As soon as possible, before you closerepparttar 135914 deal, reviewrepparttar 135915 documents you'll be signing, and make sure you understand them, so you won't have to sign them in a hurry.

Keep a copy of every cheque you write for your loan. If you call your lender about your loan, make sure you getrepparttar 135916 full name ofrepparttar 135917 person with whom you speak. Make a note of it. You may be dealing with a large bureaucracy, and will need to refer to this conversation later.

If you find yourself in a dispute with a lender, don't send correspondence torepparttar 135918 same address you send your payment. You need to deal withrepparttar 135919 decision-makers, notrepparttar 135920 account clerks.

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Toilets in Modern Art

Written by Angelique van Engelen

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The work was inspired byrepparttar collapse ofrepparttar 135912 Soviet Union, which torepparttar 135913 artists minds demanded an embracing ofrepparttar 135914 genre ‘total installation’. This isrepparttar 135915 first work in which Ilya Kabakov encompassed an entire range of personal memories and reproduced them. His toilet shows shabby walls of white lime, covered by obscene graffiti in which toilets without any doors are placed. They epitomizerepparttar 135916 Russian idea of civilisation even more because they were communal, just like ordinary people's residences. People believe that in exile, Ilya Kabakov's work has become more unified and total. Kabakov and his wife created more than 200 installations in a number of different countries. They are concept artists closely associated withrepparttar 135917 Russian NOMA group and steer clear of producing pop art, a strong contemporary art movement in Russia. Kabakov does not want his work to look as if it could be included in an advertisement. He has chosen to focus onrepparttar 135918 ordinary everyday life in an old fashioned effort to chronicle its bleakness. “Too banal and insignificant to be recorded anywhere else, and made taboo not because of their potential political explosiveness, but because of their sheer ordinariness, their all-too-human scale”, as one writer puts it. The Toilet inrepparttar 135919 Corner is now on permanent display inrepparttar 135920 State Hermitage. One Belgian, Jan de Pooter, also more or less a contemporary concept artist, is also driven byrepparttar 135921 urge to document. He has made an inventory ofrepparttar 135922 collapsing public urinals of his home town Antwerp. He also made a portable urinal and christened it "pisse-partout". It is a portable device that allows one to have a pee at any place in complete serenity... In creating his ‘urinal art’, De Pooter isn’trepparttar 135923 first to draw public attention torepparttar 135924 public conveniences inrepparttar 135925 city. They even derive their official name "Vespassiennes" fromrepparttar 135926 Roman emperor Vespacianus who lived in 68 AD. On this ruler’s list levying taxes on public toilets throughout his empire came after buildingrepparttar 135927 Colloseum, ending Nero's misgovernment and persecutingrepparttar 135928 Jews. When he got complaints about it he usedrepparttar 135929 famous words: (pecunia) non olet! Money does not smell. Which was rather a civilized thing forrepparttar 135930 time.

Angelique van Engelen is a freelance writer living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She writes for and also contributes to a blog writing ring

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