"Simple Messages in Advertising"

Written by Kevin Nunley

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2. Smaller words, bigger impact. In an effort to look smart, we sometimes try to flex our vocabulary muscles too hard in advertising. But advertising speaks to peoplerepparttar same way you speak to a friend. You want to be onrepparttar 101041 same level, so don't use five syllable words in your copy. It will only come off as condescending and confusing.

After you write something, try speaking it out loud. If you sound like you are reading an excerpt from a literary essay, change it to sound more natural, like your normal style of speech. Remember, as Stephen King advises, "Never say emolument when you mean tip."

3. Don't lose your message in overly complicated copy. Searching forrepparttar 101042 message in some advertisements can be like separating sand from sugar--you really have to work to findrepparttar 101043 good stuff.

Only say what you need to say. Keep your message concise. You don't need to tout every magnificent quality of your product or service. Pick one or two ofrepparttar 101044 best features and focus on those.

3. Use phrases that sell. These are familiar phrases that don't make people think hard aboutrepparttar 101045 implications. When they hear them, they know exactly what is being said and how to respond.

*FREE for a limited time *Try us at no charge *90 day money-back guarantee *Satisfaction or your money back

These are just a few ofrepparttar 101046 simple, yet effective phrases that spark a listener's interest in your message. Notice that they are all under five words.

4. Simple ad campaigns, not just simple messages. Pick something that works and stick with it. Each time an ad runs, it builds onrepparttar 101047 time it ran before that. The secret to becoming a household name is simple--repetition, repetition, repetition.

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"The Truth Must Be Told!" - A Review of "Magic Words That Bring You Riches"

Written by Jerry Webb

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After readingrepparttar last 23 chapters, however, I was positively speechless. Ted shares his earth-shaking secrets for accomplishing marketing miracles. Recognizing that different words produce different results, Ted invested over $100,000 in tests to discover magic words that producerepparttar 101040 best results in marketing. He dispenses these magic words freely throughout this book. This is simply pure gold for anyone who wants to succeed in marketing, particularly direct response marketing.

"Ted's strategies earned me over $1,000,000 last year!" --- Mike Enlow, Masters of Marketing, Magnolia, Mississippi

Although I'd like to explainrepparttar 101041 phenomenon behind these magic words, I'd rather you hear it straight fromrepparttar 101042 horse's mouth - so I'm going to let Ted explain how he discovered these powerful words and phrases - and how you can use them to market successfully.

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