Simple But Powerful Centrifugal Chillers

Written by Thomas Yoon

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The lubrication ofrepparttar shaft bearings must be done within repparttar 133422 chiller itself. Oil passages and shaft driven pumps (with motor driven pumps at startup) is made for lubrication.

The oil will find their way torepparttar 133423 condenser and has to be extracted back torepparttar 133424 lubrication system. Usually there will be an eductor system to suck backrepparttar 133425 oil torepparttar 133426 oil sump.

Centrifugal chillers are usually designed for low-pressure refrigerant like R-123a.

These chillers sometimes surge when running, and they are very sensitive to sudden changes in loads. Therefore modern centrifugal chillers make use of electronic microprocessors to controlrepparttar 133427 various parameters and timing in order to run smoothly.

Indeed, when everything is perfect,repparttar 133428 centrifugal chiller is capable of extremely smooth operation.

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Google Alerts Gets Going

Written by John Calder

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With a Google News alert, you will be able to monitor client news if you're involved in design or SEO work and industry news around your niche sites. One really nice aspect ofrepparttar alerts service is that you can use Google's advanced search capabilities to create your alert. Just go to Google's advanced search page, select your search parameters, and search. From your results page, click onrepparttar 133421 link atrepparttar 133422 bottom to start creating your alert.

And to sweetenrepparttar 133423 deal, Google Alerts are free!

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