Silver linings are everywhere.

Written by David Leonhardt

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Finally,repparttar researchers have discovered that Viagra can save endangered species. This is no joke – checkrepparttar 118278 wire services onrepparttar 118279 Internet. In fact, a paper published recently by researchers atrepparttar 118280 University of Alaska andrepparttar 118281 University of New South Wales reveals thatrepparttar 118282 trade in exotic body parts used as aphrodisiacs has fallen dramatically since Viagra hitrepparttar 118283 market.

Rhinos love this, because poachers had made them almost extinct, killing them forrepparttar 118284 horn, so sought-after byrepparttar 118285 lovelorn, and leavingrepparttar 118286 carcass behind. Reindeer feel more secure about their antlers now, too, sincerepparttar 118287 velvet coverings are in less demand. And you may already have noticed fewer seals walking around town with their legs crossed, asrepparttar 118288 price for their private parts has fallen 72 percent.

Others who are thrilled about this great scientific discovery include sea horses, pipefish, elk andrepparttar 118289 ever beloved sea cucumber. I am still not sure whether that last one is a joke.

So, is Viagrarepparttar 118290 butt of countless jokes orrepparttar 118291 scourge ofrepparttar 118292 Internet? If you look for silver linings, it is neither. It isrepparttar 118293 savior of endangered species. Now that I've helped clear that up for you, what else do you deride? What else upsets you? Can you find a silver lining? I'm sure you can. If Viagra is a good thing, can there be anything bad?

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You Think You've Got Communication Problems Where You Work? Read This.

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A., The EQ Coach

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In this case, we can seerepparttar misunderstandings,repparttar 118277 humor and alsorepparttar 118278 exasperation. Can you imaginerepparttar 118279 pilot assuming there was “autoload” on his or her airplane? There’s just no telling about other people’s assumptions. I’m reminded ofrepparttar 118280 attorney I once worked for who flagged me down while sharpening a pencil in an electric pencil sharpener. “How do I get this out of here?” he asked me. Orrepparttar 118281 time our business went computer and my boss took his zip code for his salary and was furious. Sometimes communication takes a lot of tact!

We always tend to think things are easier somewhere else – thatrepparttar 118282 communications we have between inside sales and outside sales are worse in our place, orrepparttar 118283 communication between lawyer and paralegal, or between partner and partner, or that surely pilots and mechanics can communicae—there’s “only” an airplane betweenrepparttar 118284 two of them.

As I say in my ebook, “Communication,” good communication takes a lot of work – expressing yourself clearly, listening up, and repeating back for clarification to make sure you’ve understood and been understood. It’s particularly hard in writing where there’s no feedback (as we see here), and no non-verbals to read.

It also requires excellent emotional intelligence skills – creativity, flexibility, intuition, and empathy.

67% ofrepparttar 118285 qualities that contribute to success are emotional intelligence competencies. Work on your communication! It will pay off in both your private and your professional life.

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