Signing up for a Domain Name? Consider Private Registration

Written by Paul Stefanski

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Once registered privately, all personal information is hidden. A WHOIS search will revealrepparttar name and address ofrepparttar 150688 third party company that is holdingrepparttar 150689 private registration.

Private registration may not be as big a concern for companies. However, it can be very useful to individuals who desire to keep their personal and private information (address and telephone number) exactly that, personal and private.

Is it worth it to register privately? The answer to that question depends on how much you value your own privacy. For some, registering privately is no big deal. For others, who already have had problems with hackers, spammers andrepparttar 150690 like, a private domain registration offers them additional security. Atrepparttar 150691 very least, it is helpful to know that this option does exist. Not all domain registrars offer this service, but it is growing in popularity.

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The evils of .com- Myths and truths about choosing a domain name

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

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3. Choosing a Domain Name

Okay choosing a domain name may be a pain. Thatís why Iím going to help you out in this tutorial. Remember, many may prefer domain names that are short but they are not necessarily better. Itís true you donít want a domain name thatís extremely long but you donít want it to be so short that nobody can remember it (unless you own a url forwarding service). There are many combinations of words you can use. I highly suggest checking a domain name generator. They can be very useful, you enter a keyword and it displays possible combinations with other words and tells you if theyíre available. For this I suggest Iíve used their service many times and I am very happy with them.

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