Signature Files: The easy way to create more business

Written by Keegan Michaels

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Manny Jackson

try something a little more descriptive and catchy, like

Manny Jackson

Check out Manny's hot music publishing tips at,

or one step further,

Manny Jackson

Manny can answer all your questions about music publishing. E- mail him at, or check out his website:

That little extra bit could berepparttar difference between a trickle of new business and a flood.

It's not enough to just give an address, you've got to give people a reason to click. You've got to spark an interest in what you do. By creating a short, catchy and descriptive sig file, you can really set yourself ahead ofrepparttar 109693 pack.

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E-Sigs That Work - by June Campbell

Written by June Campbell

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For example: ======================================================= "A healthy puppy is a happy puppy! " For a FREE report on canine health and nutrition, send a blank email to The Pet Place -- For All Your Pet's Needs! ( ========================================================

Inrepparttar simulated example above,repparttar 109692 mythical Pet Place sells a benefit (i.e. a happy pet), offers free information that pet lovers will appreciate, provides contact information, statesrepparttar 109693 business name, and gives viewers two methods to quickly contact The Pet Place. All in 31 words plus two lines of border!

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