Siberia, Russia Part 6 – When Stairs Attack in the Khabarovsk Train Station

Written by Rick Chapo

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Our hour was up and it was time to head torepparttar track platform. Like many European train stations, one had to actually walk down stairs, through a tunnel and then back up stairs to get to your platform. This is notrepparttar 150022 way it works in San Diego. It also doesn’t rain in San Diego. Rain, 70 pound bag on wheels, plastic bars, stairs…I think you getrepparttar 150023 picture.

The stairs were packed as I shuffled forward pullingrepparttar 150024 lump behind me. You would be proud. I maderepparttar 150025 first flight without maiming anyone or being slapped. Just as I stepped downrepparttar 150026 second flight, “thou was nudgeth from behind.”

Time slowed.

The lump hit me inrepparttar 150027 back ofrepparttar 150028 knees. I fell back ontorepparttar 150029 lump. In a transformation beyond my primitive understanding of quantum physics,repparttar 150030 lump became a high performance bobsled. Down I went.

Still in slow motion, I couldn’t help but noticerepparttar 150031 agility ofrepparttar 150032 Russians inrepparttar 150033 stairwell. Some jumped up an ornamental shelf running downrepparttar 150034 stairs. Overweight individuals sucked it up and suddenly became thin. Miraculously, not one soul was hit on my way torepparttar 150035 bottom. My landing was uneventful, which is to say there wasn’t a loud smack onrepparttar 150036 wall atrepparttar 150037 bottom ofrepparttar 150038 stairs.

I jumped up and turned to see if anyone was injured. There was total silence. Faces just stared back at me. Apparently,repparttar 150039 only thing injured was my ego and skin, which was turning a dark shade of red. Well, I like to make an impression! I vehemently prayed that none of them were going to Chita.

Everyone started moving again and not a word was said. Alas,repparttar 150040 lump was not so accommodating when it came to climbing uprepparttar 150041 stairs onrepparttar 150042 other end ofrepparttar 150043 tunnel.

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First Class Airfare: How the Rich Travel

Written by Kerry Emrich

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First Class Airfare: Dinner Ah, food. There is nothing better than a luxurious meal. And on a first class airfare trip, you’re sure to get your fill with these amazing meals, complete with dessert: • American: Filet mignon, paella or lamb in rosemary sauce, with vanilla flan and while chocolate mousse for dessert. • United: Citrus sesame chicken with rice, and ice cream sundaes withrepparttar works for dessert. • Delta: Five course meal with ice cream sundaes withrepparttar 149989 works for dessert. • Continental: Porcini mushroom veal chops and roasted veggies with ice cream sundaes andrepparttar 149990 works for dessert. • Virgin: Selection of 23 different menu items, with petit desserts such as cheesecake. • Singapore: Lobster, steak, lamb or a barramundi fillet, with health sweets for dessert.

First Class Airfare: ‘Other’ Perks There are a myriad of other thingsrepparttar 149991 first class airfare passengers receive on their trip; here is a mélange ofrepparttar 149992 most interesting: • American: Free champagne, a personal TV and DVD player, and noise erasing headsets. • United: Free Dom and scotch, a personal TV, and an inflatable seat that gives back massages. • Delta: An amazing free wine selection, video games, and a self-service snack bar. • Virgin: Free vodka or cognac, play Nintendo games, in-flight massages and manicures, and a free limousine service.

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