Siberia, Russia Part 2 – Where Are We and What Day Is It?

Written by Rick Chapo

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he speaks fluent Russian. This is a big relief as I had spent a lot ofrepparttar previous evening contemplating my Russian skills. That is to say, I had none. I couldn’t even pronouncerepparttar 140109 name of city we would land in, Khabarovsk. I nearly had a panic attack duringrepparttar 140110 night when I bolted up in bed uponrepparttar 140111 realization that I would have no way of knowing how to get torepparttar 140112 train or when to get off. You see,repparttar 140113 Russian language is based onrepparttar 140114 Cyrillic alphabet. There is no way to wingrepparttar 140115 Cyrillic alphabet. For example,repparttar 140116 letter “y” is pronounced “ch” as in Charlie. I was in definite trouble. Wouldrepparttar 140117 rest of my life be spent riding around aimlessly on trains? The continued grinning of Tom Dickinson didn’t make me feel any better.

Our flight from Seattle to Anchorage was uneventful. Yes, we flew Alaska Airlines. While waiting for our connection in Anchorage, two thoughts kept running though my head. First, isn’t Aeroflotrepparttar 140118 airline with allrepparttar 140119 crashes? Second, how did a man from Kentucky become fluent in Russian? I mean, what about his accent? I was feeling less confident about my translator and decided to investigate. I started rubbing my temples when he told me that he had never been to Russia. Alas, there was no turning back. Trust me, I tried. But that’s a story to be told in Part 3 of this nomad adventure travel series…

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Longwood Gardens - A Must Stop On Your Philadelphia Vacation

Written by Emily Strandford

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High tech has also been added successfully torepparttar mix of fountains and fireworks. Computer technology has broughtrepparttar 140063 fountain shows intorepparttar 140064 21st century in a big way. Because Pierre du Pont was always looking to improve Longwood, it's easy to imagine him being thrilled knowing that his gardens still continue to dazzle visitors.

While you're inrepparttar 140065 vicinity, you will want to visitrepparttar 140066 Brandywine River Museum. The Brandywine River Museum is located in a Civil-War era grist mill thats been changed to a museum. This Museum is famously known for its collection of Wyeth family paintings. It's hard to imagine that in this country-like setting is one ofrepparttar 140067 largest and most comprehensive Wyeth collections inrepparttar 140068 world.

The Museum changes its exhibits often. Many ofrepparttar 140069 paintings and other artwork are centered onrepparttar 140070 Brandywine Valley area, as well as other areas of this region. It's quite an experience to be looking at a painting and being able to pinpointrepparttar 140071 location.

There are also many special events duringrepparttar 140072 year both indoor and outdoor, such as concerts, slide shows, crafts fairs. With allrepparttar 140073 presentations, you'll be ready to eat sooner than later and there are Award winning restaurants both at Longwood and The Brandywine Museum. If you are looking for something else, there are plenty of national chain establishments and fast food and everything in between, all within a 10 minute drive.

Withrepparttar 140074 uniqueness of these amazing gardens, you~ll discover something that will make your visit a lasting memory, no matter what your interests are. Because ofrepparttar 140075 spectacular beauty ofrepparttar 140076 open landscapes andrepparttar 140077 fascinating historical presence ofrepparttar 140078 area, people come back over and over,again and again .

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