Showing Rabbits

Written by Sarah Giers

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Many breeders use feed supplements to help improverepparttar condition ofrepparttar 116286 rabbit's flesh and coat. Some examples are Showbloom, Doc's Rabbit Enhancer, Calf Manna, and black oil sunflower seeds. With Showbloom and Doc's Rabbit Enhancer, followrepparttar 116287 feeding instructions carefully. With calf manna and sunflower seeds, you may have to experiment a bit to see how much is right. I usually start with a small handful. Too much of a supplement can causerepparttar 116288 opposite effect of what you want, makingrepparttar 116289 rabbit fat, flabby, or put it into a moult (sheddingrepparttar 116290 coat out). If you supplement, be sure to cut back slightlyrepparttar 116291 amount of feed you provide. Also, when your rabbit gets into prime condition, cut backrepparttar 116292 supplements andrepparttar 116293 feed a little asrepparttar 116294 rabbit burns less energy while in prime.


Your rabbits are in good condition, and you are ready to enter your first show. Contactrepparttar 116295 show secretary to get a catalog. When you get it, be sure to readrepparttar 116296 rule carefully, and make sure to watchrepparttar 116297 deadline for entries. Fill outrepparttar 116298 entry form completely. Ear number isrepparttar 116299 number and/or letter combination that is tattooed in your rabbit's left ear. If there is no tattoo, you will need to get it tattooed. Some breeders will tattoo for you, and most registrars at shows will tattoo for a small fee. Breed isrepparttar 116300 type of rabbit, such as Netherland Dwarf or Rex. Variety isrepparttar 116301 colour of your rabbit. Be sure to check your Standard of Perfection for variety classes as some breeds (such as all lops, all angora, and Jersey Woolies) are shown by colour groups rather than by individual colour. Sex isrepparttar 116302 gender of your rabbit. A buck is a male, a doe is a female. Class is your rabbit's age. Most breeds are shown as either a senior (6 months or over) or a junior (under 6 months). The large breeds are shown as a senior (8 months or over), intermediate (6 to 8 months), or a junior (under 6 months). Be sure to check your Standard of Perfection to see what classes are offered in your breed. Fur is where you can enter your rabbit in eitherrepparttar 116303 breed or commercial normal (if your breed has normal "Flyback" fur) fur class. Your rabbit has to be entered in a regular class to compete in fur, where it will be judged solely onrepparttar 116304 quality and condition of its fur.

Most shows are pre-entry, meaning you have to send in your entry beforerepparttar 116305 show. A few are day ofrepparttar 116306 show entry, where you arrive early and enter atrepparttar 116307 show. If it is a pre-entry, be sure to sendrepparttar 116308 entry off beforerepparttar 116309 deadline is past or your entry will probably be rejected.


Get torepparttar 116310 show a little early to allow yourself time to set up, check in, and see what table your breed is being judged at. After setting up and checking tables, groom your rabbits. Then you can wander aroundrepparttar 116311 show room to talk to breeders, look atrepparttar 116312 other rabbits, etc. Be careful to check your breed's table often to see when your rabbit is up to be shown. Most ofrepparttar 116313 time someone will announce what class is being called up, but it cannot always be heard. Classes will not be rejudged if you miss them, so get your rabbits up torepparttar 116314 table on time!

When your rabbit's class is called, take your rabbit torepparttar 116315 table. You will see several small cages called holding coops. In front of these will be comment cards withrepparttar 116316 rabbits' information. Findrepparttar 116317 card that has your rabbit's ear tattoo number on it and place your rabbit inrepparttar 116318 corresponding holding coop. Then, to make it easier for other exhibitors, fliprepparttar 116319 card over.

Don't talk whilerepparttar 116320 judge is giving comments on any rabbit because even if it isn't your rabbit,repparttar 116321 rabbit's owner may want to hearrepparttar 116322 comments. Pay close attention torepparttar 116323 judge's comments as they will help you learn. Whenrepparttar 116324 table held putsrepparttar 116325 comment card on top of your rabbit's holding coop, that means it is done being shown. Take it back to your set up. If it won Best of Variety (BOV), Best Opposite of Variety (BOSV), Best of Group (BOG), or Best Opposite of Group (BOSG) it will need to come back later to compete for Best of Breed (BOB) and Best Opposite of Breed (BOSB). Be sure to watch for when they call uprepparttar 116326 winners to compete for BOB and BOSB as you don't want to miss your chance at winning!

If your rabbit wins Best of Breed, it will later compete for Best in Show (BIS) and Reserve in Show (RIS). The table for Best In Show judging will be announced after a winner in each breed is chosen. If you are competing for BIS and RIS, take your rabbit torepparttar 116327 BIS table when it is time. Place it in any ofrepparttar 116328 holding coops at that table, then move out ofrepparttar 116329 judging area. Then wait forrepparttar 116330 judge(s) to judgerepparttar 116331 rabbits and announcerepparttar 116332 winners.

If you win anything, be sure to findrepparttar 116333 awards table to see if you get any awards. Bring your comment card with you, and show it torepparttar 116334 awards secretary.

Finally,repparttar 116335 show is over. Clean up all your mess, pack up your equipment, and load up your rabbit(s). You've survived your first show, and before you know it you will have a bad case of rabbit show fever!


It is highly recommended that you joinrepparttar 116336 American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). This will provide you with invalluable information, as well as allow you to register and grand champion your rabbits. Go torepparttar 116337 ARBA website at for a membership form, or you can pick them up at most shows (check commercial booths or ask registrars for one).

Breeder and exhibitor of show rabbits for 11 years, member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, and fan of all animals.

Blinded by Science (and Math)

Written by Thomas Morgan aka The Irishsetter

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As far as dice influencing. There is no scientific proof that it works. Even for people like me, who have thousands and thousands of documented practice throws. That doesnít qualify as proof. Why? One, becauserepparttar sample is still too small, and I have a vested interest inrepparttar 116285 outcome. Iíve proven it sufficiently to myself, but thatís not scientific proof. The same theory holds true for detractors. They can quote specific laws of physics which ďproveĒ why dice influencing is impossible. The problem is there are other theories that indicate it is possible. To my knowledge, no credible dice influencing trials have been done. Frankly, I hope no real scientific study is ever conducted on dice influencing as it most assuredly would causerepparttar 116286 casinos to take immediate action. Even withinrepparttar 116287 dice influencing community youíll hear statements like our throwing method is superior because itís ďgrounded in math and science.Ē Likerepparttar 116288 Herbal Viagra andrepparttar 116289 sugarless gum advertisements, without independent verification and thousands and thousands of trials, this statement is marketing, not science.

If youíre onrepparttar 116290 fence aboutrepparttar 116291 efficacy of dice influencing, prove to yourself whether it works or not, for as cheaply as possible. Donít let my word, or anyone elses sway you one way orrepparttar 116292 other since there are no independent studies to base your decision on.

Itís never too late to brush up on your math and science skills, and youíre an adult so never hesitate to ask questions or do research. The ever hopeful gambler is particularly prone to being blinded by science and psuedo-science because cold hard cash and riches galore are at stake. Please donít be influenced because someone uses scientific or mathematical jargon. Donít be impressed by statistics that are not independently verified. In short, donít be blinded by science (or math).


Thomas is the webmaster of and is widely recognized in the gambling community as an expert in dice influencing.

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