Shower Walls - Problems and Solutions

Written by Mark Davies

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Damp patches onrepparttar wall or floor outside a shower cubicle can be attributed to one ofrepparttar 139869 above causes, leaking waste or supply pipes, or occasionally by excessive sealant insiderepparttar 139870 cubicle, causing water to well-up in siderepparttar 139871 frame itself.

So what arerepparttar 139872 solutions?

The solution will depend onrepparttar 139873 severity ofrepparttar 139874 problem and keep in mind that much ofrepparttar 139875 damage may be hidden.

Ensure thatrepparttar 139876 shower tray or bath is securely anchored in place and does not move when someone stands in it. If you have access torepparttar 139877 underside check any supply and waste pipes for leaks.

Cut away old sealant with a sharp blade and replace with a high quality sanitary grade silicone sealant containing a fungicide. Try and avoid cheap sealant that has less fungicide and a lower silicone content.

Treat mouldy grout with a surface cleaner, initially, to see how deep rootedrepparttar 139878 problem is. Ifrepparttar 139879 problem returns, then you might need to think about raking outrepparttar 139880 old grout and applying new.

Alternatively you could do away with grout altogether and install shower wall panels in place of ceramic wall tiles.

Each shower wall panel slots intorepparttar 139881 next one using a tongue and groove system, eliminatingrepparttar 139882 need for grout. These panels are totally waterproof and can be fitted to any surface includingrepparttar 139883 existing tiles.

Mark Davies is the owner of The Bathroom Marquee, a UK based online store specialising in shower wall panels, bathroom wall cladding, and the Outasight concealed shower curtain system.

NATURGRESS products certified for eco-building

Written by Iris Ceramica

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- do not release substances dangerous for man orrepparttar environment. The test procedure is based onrepparttar 139793 environmental impact ofrepparttar 139794 production cycles,repparttar 139795 durability ofrepparttar 139796 material andrepparttar 139797 energy consumption required duringrepparttar 139798 life cycle (laying, care, maintenance) and forrepparttar 139799 removal and disposal ofrepparttar 139800 product.

Italian manufacturer of porcelain tile flooring and ceramic tiles for kitchens and bathrooms.

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