Should you renew with your current host? - Your website in the year 2005

Written by Philip Wylie

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is obviously very important - many hosts offer discounted monthly rates when you sign into a contract, forcing you to remain with them for a certain number of months or even years. This does offer good value but it raisesrepparttar question - willrepparttar 134352 company still exist in a few years? It is also important to find out ifrepparttar 134353 monthly price/rates will change if they raise or lower their prices. You donít want to lock yourself into anything thinking you're paying a fixed price. Readrepparttar 134354 companyís information page to see how long they have been trading as this will give you a rough idea of whether or not they are reliable.

Moving your website to a new provider can be a daunting task. Just moving files can be awkward, especially if your website is powered by a database. An excellent way of moving your whole site including databases, email accounts and other settings is by creating a backup from inside your control panel. Ask your new host if they will unpackrepparttar 134355 backup file onto your new website. This may only fully work if your previous host and new host userepparttar 134356 same control panel software. But you can always ask beforehand.

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The Basic Facts About Business Web Hosting

Written by Terry Henry

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Dedicated Servers The big boy onrepparttar block andrepparttar 134351 most expensive! Dedicated servers are used usually by medium and large size companies. The advantage to this form of hosting is complete control withrepparttar 134352 most disk space andrepparttar 134353 largest amount of transfer (Most companies selling dedicated servers allow a minimum of 500 gigs of transfer a month). Keep in mind that this requires a lot of technical ability; most companies hire a network administrator to oversee this form of hosting.

As you can see there are many options based on size and needs of your business. Hopefully you are a little more aware of choices out there now and will makerepparttar 134354 right choice on one that best suits your companiesí needs.

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