Should you DIY your own Website?

Written by Timothy R V Foster

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Who are you aiming at? * Defined, known, named clients and prospects? * Categories of people (airline pilots, lawyers, gardeners...)? * The general public? * People who don't have computers and have never usedrepparttar Internet? * Or who?

Who will be your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? There's a lot of free stuff around, but bear in mind you get what you pay for. I'm happy to pay $25 a month to my ISP, because I never get a busy signal, their live telephone help line is free, and they're in business to serve business, not force me and my visitors to read a bunch of ads that don't interest us.

What would you like as your domain name? My domain is, but had already gone when I started looking (it's still perenially 'under construction'). You can reserve an available name in advance if needed by paying a modest fee (check with your ISP).

Test it with users I must have changedrepparttar 134719 website more than 100 times since I launched it. It's my belief that you have no more than three clicks to engagerepparttar 134720 interest of a visitor. And loading times in excess of 30 seconds on an early visit will send your potential client off in search of faster pastures. On your first page, only have clicks that moverepparttar 134721 visitor forward to where you want them to go. Don't waste their time with irrelevant choices or meaningless spinning logos (Look, ma! Just like television must have been when you were a little girl!).

Never miss an opportunity to watch a person going through your site forrepparttar 134722 first time (you can even do this onrepparttar 134723 phone). Noterepparttar 134724 (to you) wrong turnings and false starts and ruthlessly deal with them. Don't tell them where to go when you're testing... find out where they are inclined to go and figure out what you have to do to get them to take your desired journey to your intended destination. Refine and retest. Continuously improve.

I hope this has given you a bit of a feel for DIYing your home page. I'm glad I did it! Check it out at . Give me some feedback!

Timothy R V Foster < > created and operates ADSlogans Unlimited [Hyperlink < > ], a service for advertising agencies that checks ad slogans for prior or competitive use.

Web Source Web Design Tips - Open A New Window With A Button or Link

Written by Shelley Lowery

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newwin ="yourdomain.htm","windowname"," height=320,width=320,scrollbars,resizable") } // end hiding -->Open Window

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