Should You Translate Your Web Site to Another Language?

Written by June Campbell

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*Localisation companies can also support your business services. It is not enough to simply translate your web site. You must be able to processrepparttar orders and service your customers in their language.

*If your web site is going to be updated regularly, discuss a maintenance package. Some companies will monitor your English web site for changes, then make corresponding modifications to your international sites.

*Your web server could require special enablements. Ask your web administrator for input. Localisation companies also assist in this area. When selecting a localisation company, look for one that asks a lot of questions. They must thoroughly understand your business needs before they can providerepparttar 132062 type of service you need. A multicultural development company can also offer suggestions regardingrepparttar 132063 design of your site and how it will work in different cultures. Your company might also be able to suggest ways of modifying site architecture to save you money.

*Ask your localisation company for a weekly report onrepparttar 132064 status of your project.

Fees will vary. Do price comparisons, but remember that price should not berepparttar 132065 only consideration.

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10 Practical Suggestions For Fostering a Successful Website

Written by John Karnish

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6.) Paste your most common misspelled words into another document and study them so you don't make them over again.

7.) If you would like your site to be in English but you don't speak it well, consider making an offer with someone who speaks English fluently. They could help so that your page reads well in English and you can translate their page into your native language.

8.) Frequent popular forums and message boards. This will keep you up to date withrepparttar latest trends in internet marketing.

9.) It can be very easy to get smothered in daily e-mails. So create some saved responses to common questions. This will save you a lot of time since you don't have to type them over and over again. Make sure to addrepparttar 132060 person's name to make it look unique.

10.) Always get your visitors to subscribe to some kind of mailing list. You work very hard to get your visitors, you want to make sure you don't loose touch. If you don't have a newsletter, at least get them to sign up to receive information on updates of your site.

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